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    Re: Enjoying film

    oops i wrote this in a canon group by mistake.....doh! im canon now with 6D

    but shoot bronica 120/220 and n70 nikon 35mm
    no old canon cameras hmmmm......that makes me wonder
    what would be comparison to the olf nikon f3 that ran on watch battery
    i think or maybe any manual camera that is canon that you could use in the desert....without needing to worry about charging batteries?

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      Re: Enjoying film

      Closest pre EOS Canon to the Nikon F3 would be the Canon F1 or more probably the New F1 (aka F1n) - there's a handy resource here if you want to read about it.

      Note that pre-EOS film cameras use a different mount. The older cameras use either the FD mount or if they're really old the FL mount - FL lenses will fit FD mount cameras but not vice-versa and neither will fit the EF mount used in the EOS series.

      EOS film cameras use the same mount as your 6D so no mounting issues but like the 6D they are battery dependent - no battery, no pix...

      I had an F70 once - really didn't like it at all...

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        Re: Enjoying film

        I used the F1 professionally for years and it as to be my most favourite cameras of all time. Got one in the loft of the house somewhere. Made to last a lifetime of use and abuse. Enjoy film there is something magical still in the chemistry of film. The nostalgia of it all comes flooding back lol.


          Re: Enjoying film

          I used to 6 bath process all my E6 with a Jobo processer and Tetnal chemistry. I found 6 bath easier, less variable and quicker. It is good to do a final rinse before drying in wetting agernt and 0.5% formaldehyde, which stablises the colour, hardens the emulshion and helps protect against fungal spores. In 25 years I never lost a film from processing error, unlike professional labs I used.