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Canon AV-1

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    Canon AV-1

    I got Canon AV-1 from second hand store which has small problem. I have no experience this old cameras, camera is almost as old as i'am. Everything inside the camera is completely clean no dust, it looks like new. External parts has small scrathes but previous owner has take really good care of it. I tried to shoot one roll of film but experienced problem with shutter. Sometimes it do not release when i'm about to take photo.
    Is there something what i can do myself for this camera ? I really would like to give new try for this camera so all help is appreciated.

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    Re: Canon AV-1

    I think the AV-1 is purely automatic, what settings have you set, it could be the camera trying to match a shutter speed with an aperture you have set, that might explain why the camera does't fire when you press the shutter release, but it totally depends what settings you have selected.