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List of desirable FD lenses

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    List of desirable FD lenses

    Here's my list based on what is widely available (sometimes at a cost) online or in dealers:

    20mm f2.8
    17 mm f4 (a superb lens - never bettered)
    24 mm f2.8
    28mm f2.0
    35mm f2.0 (the breechlock ssc seems particualrly desirable)
    50 mm f1.4
    100 mm f2.0
    135mm f2.8 or f 3.5
    28-135mm f3.5 constant aperture
    70-210mm f4 - these are 10-a-penny
    100-300 f5.6L

    I'll be adding more
    Gary White, MPhil
    Travel Photographer

    Re: List of desirable FD lenses

    I have the 20-35mm f3.5 which is permanently attached to my T90. The other lens I had - alas now sold - was a 200mm F2.8. Both these lenses are superb and both are L series lenses.


      Re: List of desirable FD lenses

      well two years down the line ,and i am as in another post looking at some m42 lenses to use via adaptors on my digital cams


        Re: List of desirable FD lenses

        Okay, slightly late to the party, but I could add:
        Canon FD 80-200 f4 L (I'd really like one of these if I could find a decent one for a decent price in the U.K.)
        Tamron 350mm f5.6 (mirror, I have one)


          Re: List of desirable FD lenses

          And I'm even later to the party (story of my life it would seem) but one of my all-time favourite FD lenses would have to be the 200mm f/4 Macro.

          Traded my A1 for the T90 when it was released and am only now remembering what a great FD lens collection I had.

          I used to hire the 300mm f/2.8L from Fotofanatics in Solihull back in the day when I fancied something special and I've been lucky enough to have my own IS version for the last few years now.

          Maybe one day an IS II but probably only when the IS III gets released!

          Wish I could have kept my T90 and FD lens collection if for no other reason than nostalgia!

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            Re: List of desirable FD lenses

            I still own, and occasionally use, two Canon F1 bodies (the original series) when I fancy doing some B&W film work. Also I have two different adaptors to allow me to use my favourite FD lenses on my EOS kit. The two lenses I particularly like still are the 50mm f1.4 and the 500mm mirror lens.

            All that old kit was too beautifully engineered to be consigned to the dustbin !!


              Re: List of desirable FD lenses

              has to be TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens would love one in my bag ....
              :- Ian

              5D Mk III, 24-105 / 70-200 f2.8 L / 100-400 Mk II / 100 macro / 16-35 L / 11-24 L / 1.4 & 2x converters and a bad back carrying it all ;o)



                (I know it's an old thread, but people might still be interested.)

                I bought a very clean nFD 200mm f/4 from MrCad in London back in December and I'm very happy with it (the date code is August 1979), they had three for me to choose from and I thought the cheapest was the best (I think they price on what they paid for it, rather than how good it is, the 89 one looked very iffy inside). I can use it on my Canon film camera or adapted to my GH5, where despite the pixel density of a 80MB FF sensor it does well, even wide open, except for heavily backlit subjects, especially if just out of focus, where too much bonus colour appears.

                I give up on attaching an image as I haven't quite sussed it out, a full-res GH5 image is here:

                Click on "Original Size".

                Oh and I think the FD 80-200mm f/4 L is really good, if you can find one in good condition for a sensible price, which I couldn't.
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