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How to use EOS magazine classified adverts

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    How to use EOS magazine classified adverts

    This is a free service for subscribers to EOS magazine.

    You can post an advert in the same way as posting any other message on the forum. Photographs can be attached to the advert.

    It is not a good idea to include your phone number or e-mail address in your forum advert.

    Only EOS magazine subscribers will be able see and reply to your advert. This contact must be by private message. You can send a private message to any member of the forum by clicking their user name in the top left corner of the message and selecting 'Private Message'.

    If you place an advert, remember to check for private messages regularly. They will be shown in 'Notifications' (top right of this window). It is essential that you accept Private Messages if you want to receive replies to your adverts (see 'General Settings'). Private Messaging is on by default - it will only be off if you have disabled it.

    Please delete your advert as soon as the featured item is sold. Adverts will disappear two months after they have been posted. If the item has not been sold you can post the details again.

    Please read the 'Terms and Conditions' posted as a separate thread. It will be assumed that you have read and accepted these before using the EOS magazine classified advert service.

    This advert service was launched in EOS magazine Forums on 22 November 2011. This 'How to use' message and the 'Terms and Conditions' may be updated at any time in response to feedback from the forum. Please check this message at regular intervals for updates.

    Please send any queries or comments to

    Last updated 3 February 2014.