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Challenge 179 Stripes / patterns ? Missing entries?

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    Challenge 179 Stripes / patterns ? Missing entries?

    Good Morning,
    I have just logged on to see if there were any further posts to this Challenge and saw in my notification box the indication someone had replied.
    so I clicked on Notification and it said two people had replied to Challenge 179 stripes / patterns.

    however, when I clicked on ‘go to post’ I had a message to say I was not authorised to view the post although I was logged.

    I have now checked the photos on the Challenge page and cannot see any other additional photos posted (other than the three previous posted).

    Am I missing some posted entries?

    many thanks,


    I see images from Stackman, Farider, NathCarr91 and AlexR! a total of 5 replies and 4 images. Alex posted his on the 21st after your post on the 16th...

    You may know me from Another Place....

    The new ElSid Photogallery...

    Equipment: Far too much to list - including lots of Nikon...


      Thank you Nigel for taking the time and trouble to reply, I do appreciate you looking at this.
      What I do not understand is when I was logged on why I had the message that I was not authorised to view the relevant page when I clicked the 'go to post' tab.

      My concern is are the pages displaying correctly and to make sure I am not missing any entries - I would not like anyone to take the time to post an entry and for me not to see it.

      i am hoping the administrator will confirm the number of posted entries is correct....


        As El Sid reports, there are four entries for Challenge 179 as of this morning.


          Had a quick look, and 1 person had submitted an entry and then "deleted" it - it's possible that the "Not Authorised" to view was related to that - trying to view a post which was no longer there by the time you tried to view it.


            Thank you Robert and Martin for looking into this, I appreciate your help. it must be that the entry was deleted which is why I was 'not authorised'.
            Thank you for solving the mystery.