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Challenge 158 Black and White

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    IMG_8156_1.JPG Road Repair. Douglas D'Costa.


      There is still a week to go for this challenge, plenty of time to get your pics posted!



        From a decommissioned church in Aldwincle, Northants, this sad little harmonium sits

        "Silent Expression "

        [/url]Silent Expression by Barbara Bett, on Flickr" class="bbcode-attachment thumbnail" alt="" />Silent Expression by Barbara Bett, on Flickr
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        Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......


          This challenge is now closed. I will be back in due course with the results of my deliberations



            There has been an excellent response to this challenge in terms of both the number of submissions and the quality; a big thank you to all those who have made submissions and well done to everyone.

            As I wanted there has been a tremendous variety in the compositions and it was good to see this. I must however admit to a slight disappointment in that there were no IR pictures submitted, there have been some good ones in the forum.

            I have made my own comments below on each of the pictures submitted, however, please note that I am not a professional and I don’t do judging so they are are purely personal and are just what I see and feel in each case.

            Photo 1 Autumn Trees, Canon Fan

            A nice composition with the trees and background hills together with a cloudy sky potentially adding interest. However, for me there is just too much grain in the picture and it is robbing it of some detail. I also think that some of the trees are a bit dark and would benefit lifting a little to restore detail.

            Photo 2 Sparkle Spiral, Joeollers

            A very tricky subject to get right as you have to balance exposure, timing and ISO to get the both trail and the face correctly exposed with a dark background, let alone the difficulty of getting the girls face inside the circle and still manage to achieve a good focus. Well done.

            Photo 3 Road Repair, Casarova

            A pic showing what road repair men seem to do worldwide, watching the world go by. A different framing I think would have helped this picture considerably. The central position of the figure is not ideal as it leaves a lot of empty space behind him and virtually all the detail right at the bottom of the pic. Also, the cables running right through the picture and past the mans neck are intrusive and a distraction. Lightening the deep shadow areas would help and some amount of detail has also been lost as the picture appears not to have been posted through Flickr which is a shame but perhaps it was just not possible. Nevertheless it is good to see a totally different pic submitted, keep posting! (Note: Although not part of the challenge as it was withdrawn, it was nice to see the totally different landscape of your earlier pic)

            Photo 4 Weston Carnival 2019, John Liddle

            A picture with a phenomenal amount of detail in it and I like the processing that has retained pretty well all it that was available. A good shot of the floats that very well portrays the atmosphere of the carnival.

            Photo 5 The Cross, Lee Perry

            A great picture and certainly one I like a lot. The cross stands out well and is nicely framed by the arch with good symmetry. Minor criticisms are, 1) you needed to have moved a few inches to the right to get the two apexes absolutely in line, and, 2) the right hand side pillar is a little darker than the that on the left. However, all this does not distract from the fact that this still a very good picture with impact. I would be interested to know where it was taken.

            Photo 6 Windows, Stackman

            Another great pic with beautiful symmetry very slightly offset by the two supporting iron work crosses. It has the addition interest of being able to see through some of the windows to arouse the curiosity of what is behind. Great detail in the brickwork.

            Photo 7 Dunkeld Cathedral, Daisy M

            A nice pic that neatly combines the mini theme of arches and windows of the other pics above. A subject very well suited to B/W with good detail given and interesting reflections in the windows. (And yes I did need to look up where this cathedral was, its a long way from Sussex!).

            Photo 8 Starcross Starlight, Colytonjohn

            A striking pic that has an immediate impact; it has taken a considerable amount of work to put together plus the imagination to conceive it in the first place. Very well balanced in composition and exposure that has a tremendous amount of detail. Very well executed.

            Photo 9 Silent Expression, Barbara Bett

            An interesting picture expressing sad neglect and decay that not only works very well in B/W but actually needs it to work. There is a lot of detail available in this pic in the structure, keys, stops and label not to mention the liberal amount dust and debris. I would really have liked much more of it to have been in sharp focus as the whole of the instrument is the subject of the picture not just one section of it.

            With this range of subjects it has been a challenge to sort out placings. It has been a difficult decision to make from a range of excellent pictures any one of which had the potential of winning. However, after much thought and cogitation a decision has been made and my placings are below

            Placings :-

            1 Photo 4 Weston Carnival 2019, John Liddle

            2 Photo 5 The Cross, Lee Perry

            3 Photo 8 Starcross Starlight, Colytonjohn

            Well done John and over to you for the next challenge!



              Congratulations John for a worthy winning image.
              Well done Ian for a well run competition and great summary of all images.
              Gary Cantwell LSINWP. ASINWP.


                Well done John, brings back some great memories I once drove a fire appliance at the front of the carnival. Thanks for setting the challenge & the comments Ian.


                  Very well done John, Lee and John. I always enjoy black & white, even though I am not that good at it.


                    Well done all, some lovely shots in there. Like Colin I'm not very good with B&W

                    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



                      A good competition this month with a theme many were able to support so many thanks to Ian for suggesting and judging it.

                      While grateful that my meagre effort was placed, I can't agree more that John's was a very worthy winner (I loved the metallic, industrial feel and had already faved it on Flickr )




                        Well done to all who entered and particular thanks to Ian for setting the challenge and providing helpful reasoned critique of the entries.

                        My mind is a blank at the moment, so please bear with me while I see if I can find my thinking head at the bottom of the barrel (if you get that reference you must be at least as old as me!)
                        John Liddle

                        Backwell, North Somerset - "Where the cider apples grow"


                          Thanks to Ian for astute judging and my Congratulations to the worthy podium people. I particularly liked the winner's crisp shot, well done John
                          Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



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