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Challenge 160 - Reflections

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    Challenge 160 - Reflections

    The challenge subject this month is reflections.

    To give the broadest scope for entries I am not limiting this subject to purely physical reflections, you may interpret it in any manor you choose, there are different ways to show it. For example, someone in a reflective mood. The key factor is, that whatever interpretation or aspect has been chosen, reflection must be the key element in the image and not just incidental to it.

    Those of you who remember that far back (not me, it was before I joined) will recall that this subject was last tackled in challenge 100 5 years ago so its not new but worthy of a revisit I think.

    For those new or shy on this forum, I would encourage you to enter. Hopefully in doing so you will challenge yourself and have a bit of fun at the same time.

    Judging will be based on :-

    * fulfilling the brief
    * a good photo based on composition, focus and consideration to the light.
    * Having impact. Will I remember your image after I go away from the computer?

    The usual rules apply:-

    • The competition subject shall be selected by the winner of the preceding competition who will also judge the competition.
    • One picture per person; images should conform to general image posting rules.
    • All entries to be shot with a Canon EOS camera i.e. SLR / DSLR / M & R series
    • Posted images should be taken during the running period of the competition. Any images submitted that were taken before the competition started, or after the competition has ended, will be deemed invalid.
    • Images 800 pixels widest maximum (to help those with small monitors).
    • No Photoshop frames and borders.
    • Include a title; the image must convey the theme without title description.
    • Please, NO comments on images- on this or another thread- until the round is over.
    • No canvassing e.g. “I’m thinking of posting this image for the challenge, what do you think?”
    • I will pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite images (please don’t PM me to discuss my choices).

    Closing date for entries is midnight Wednesday 8th April

    Best of luck


    Reed simplicity...
    _OSR3479 by brianvickers, on Flickr
    Last edited by @imagesBV; 15-03-2020, 20:12.
    Brian Vickers LRPS


      The Chinese House on the Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire.

      Completed in 1747, making it one of the earliest examples of oriental design in the country and a precursor to the Chinese Pavilion at Kew, now Grade II * listed.
      It used to stand on an island in a man made canal and was reached by two Chinese bridges.

      by Derek W C Parsons, on Flickr

      EOS R, RF 24-105mm L f4, EF 16-35mm L f4


        THE FLOWER IMG_0378 FLOWER.jpg
        Regards Dave

        Canon 70D : Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM : Canon EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS ii MACRO : Canon EF-S 10- 22 mm f/3.5-4.5 USM : Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM : Canon EF 70-200 F2.8 L IS ll USM : Canon 600-EX-RT Speedlite FLASH GUN : Canon GPS RECEIVER GP-E2, PhotR 3-Section tripod. More to come.

        You are welcome to view my flicker pages ....


          The subject of another thread is what to do now we all have to stay at home.

          Might I suggest having a go at the current challenge? I’m pretty sure that everyone can find some sort of reflective surface somewhere on your property, (eg mirrors, windows, glass, water), and you now have plenty of time to use your imagination and put together an inspired composition. It’s a wide brief so if you don’t fancy that there are different ways to interpret “Reflections” so have a think.

          I look forward to seeing some inspired pics!



            Swanning around .....
            Attached Files


              Feather by Gary Cantwell, on Flickr
              Gary Cantwell LSINWP. ASINWP.


                Glasses1 by Mike, on Flickr


                  Old Four Eyes?

                  4S7A9267 by David Miller, on Flickr


                    Reflective Turtle


                      6O4A1778 by Rose, on Flickr
                      A traveller's reflection


                        On Thrapston Pond
                        On Thrapston Pond by Barbara Bett, on Flickr
                        Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                          Looking Back

                          Looking Back
                          by nigel winters, on Flickr
                          EOS 80D, EF-S 55-250 4-5.6 IS, EF-S 18-55, EF-S 10-18, EF 50 1.8


                            This challenge is closed. I will now go away to consider entries and will post results later.



                              What a brilliant response there has been to this challenge with eleven entries! A big thank you to all those who have made submissions (especially Lavenderhill as a first posting) and well done to everyone.

                              I was hoping to see a good variety in the pictures submitted and that has certainly been achieved. The lockdown has inevitably had an effect by restricting the amount we can all get out but it has in turn prompted you to see what else could be done and there have been very welcome different interpretations of the theme

                              I have made my own comments below on each of the pictures submitted, however, please note that I am not a professional photographer nor a photography judge so they are purely personal and are just what I see and feel in each case.

                              1 @ImagesBV - Brian - Reed Simplicity
                              A very good panorama of a reed bed with the reeds and their reflections well balanced, the leaves and other detritus add to it especially the pair of leaves right in the centre that framed by the surrounding reeds. A well composed picture.

                              2 enneo - Derek - Chinese House
                              A good composition showing the Chinese house and red bridge nicely reflected in the water way with foreground interest provided by the bed of daffodils. A submission I believe prompted by a comment from me after it had been posted in the main forum which should have precluded it from this competition (Rule 8, no comments) but it seems to have been removed now. I like the composition, very attractive.

                              3 Dave Jowett - The Flower
                              A lone water lily nicely reflected in the very still water. I do have a slight issue with the clarity but this may be an artefact of a direct submission. The picture is a good idea that I think would have been better if it had been taken from a slightly different angle to remove or reduce the dark band across the frame which is little distracting. A greater depth of field to bring to greenery on the left more in to focus would have been nice.

                              4 DougZ - Swanning around
                              Nice pic of a pair of black swans clearly putting on a display and well reflected in the water and taken in, I expect, in their original antipodean location (I remember seeing a whole lagoon of them when I was in NZ). A larger version would have been nice and some detail and clarity seems to have been lost in the posting.

                              5 Leeperry - Gary - Feather
                              A great composition of a feather reflected in glass with very good detail (its a shame that the flickr version is private as I think that would be even better). A good depth of field has been maintained so no detail has been lost, it is clear across the whole of the frame. Great lighting that is well balanced while maintaining a even black background. A excellent shot.

                              6 Guntackle - Mike - Glasses1 (What a Spectacle!)
                              Before I comment on this picture I want to say that I know Guntackle is seriously unwell and know what an absolutely huge effort it has been for him to compose, take and submit this entry. The effort he has made is really appreciated. Thank you.

                              I like this picture as it shows multiple different types of reflection and well embodies the title of this Challenge. There are reflections of all the pairs of glasses in the glass top, reflections of windows (and possibly the photographer?) in the dark lense and seen again in its reflection in the glass top. Focusing and lighting is always going to be tricky in this shot but I think that this has been well controlled. The glasses in the very centre are out of focus and greater depth of focus might have been better but I do not think that this distracts from the shot.

                              7 Daisy M - David - Old Four Eyes
                              A lovely shot of a pair of frogs with their eyes nicely reflected in the surface of the water. Not a shot that can be composed in advance and well done for spotting the opportunity. The depth of focus has been well restricted but doesn’t extend quite far enough to cover both of them, although, that said, it is not a significant distraction.

                              8 Tesarver - Tom - Reflective Turtle
                              A great shot of a turtle beautifully mirrored in the water under the log. Short of having your own aquarium this is another instance where you have to take the shot when you see it, this was a good spot. A excellent composition, which, if you look closely you can see the vertical log and the head of the turtle reflected a second time in what would seem to be a reflective back surface. Another instance of a dual reflection.

                              9 Lavenderhill - Rose - A Traveller’s Reflection
                              It is great to have an entry from a new member especially as this is their very first post! Well done.

                              This is totally different take on “reflections” and I am pleased to see it. It has been well lit and composed with each item having a meaning and the complete collection telling a story about a person and their wide travels round the world. I think this is a very good composition.

                              10 Lunarbo - Barbara - On Thrapston Pond
                              A lovely peaceful scene on a beautiful spring day. A well balanced shot with the two reed heads neatly matching the slight gap in the distant trees, very still water provides a good mirror for the tree line. A great composition.

                              11 EOSwinters - Nigel - Looking back
                              Another very different take on reflections and like some other entries here, unique in its own right. I like the originality of the concept but I am not sure that it works for me. The rear view mirror I think would have been better shown in full with less of the white surround, and the scene shown, probably because it is a secondary image, doesn’t have the clarity. Great concept though and certainly fulfils the aim of the brief.

                              With eleven entries all of a very high calibre it has been a very impressive entry for this challenge especially as the lockdown occurred during the competition period. Given the range of entries and the high quality of all of them, choosing the placings has been particularly difficult. Because of this I have decided to give the first four placings this time. My placings are as follows:-

                              1 Leeperry - Gary - Feather
                              2 Lunarbo - Barbara - On Thrapston Pond
                              3 @ImagesBV - Brian - Reed Simplicity
                              4 Guntackle - Mike - Glasses1 (What a Spectacle!)

                              Congratulations Gary and over to you for the next challenge!



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