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Challenge 161- Green

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    Competition is now closed.
    Will back tomorrow with the result.
    Gary Cantwell LSINWP. ASINWP.


      There was a great selection of images and all full filled the brief. Which made my job very difficult as any one of the images could have made a podium place.
      First I will give a brief summery of each image, followed by the winning images in reverse order.

      AlexR! Green log
      A nice atmospheric shot, with the log leading the eye thru the image.

      Daisy M In Keeping with the Green Thread of the Challenge.
      An excellent interpretation and nicely composed shot.
      I know you don't do a lot of PP but I think a bit of saturation would give the colours a bit more pop.

      Stackman Green logo
      There is a lot to be said for "less is more" and this image does it well.

      Farider If you go down to the wood today..
      A good use of natural and man made objects.

      Tesarver My Precious
      A very topical and relevant image which has been well executed.

      EOSwinters Dock Beatle Not Social Distancing
      An amusing take on the lock down rule.

      Colin W Green Garden Plant
      Nice sharp image with water drops adding that bit extra to the image

      DougZ A geothermal park local to me with colourful mineral deposits.
      A well composed shot of an unusual subject

      Guntackle Green Man
      An excellent use of green to make a face.
      The blown highlights on RHS let it down a bit.

      Lavenderhill The green kitchen
      A well thought out image composition.
      Just let down a bit with blown highlights on top of books.

      Ian D
      A lovely colourful image with an excellent depth of field.

      lunarbo Greening up
      A good use of vertical and horizontal lines with super composition

      3rd place Stackman Green Logo
      2nd place Colin W Green Garden Plant
      1st place lunarbo Greening Up

      Over to you lunarbo
      Gary Cantwell LSINWP. ASINWP.


        Thank you Gary for this month’s challenge, and your helpful insight on my photo.

        Congratulations to lunarbo on 1st place.



          Congratulations Bo on your 1st place and well done to the other podium places. Thank you Gary for the challenge and the judging.

          Look forward to your new challenge Bo!



            Well done ago, you always come in at the last minute with some stunning images, thanks Gary, good to see the numbers up on an interesting subject.


              Thank you Gary for your comments it is enlightening to receive a comment rather than no comment at all.- keep up the good work.

              Well done Lunarbo on winning this month.



                Congratulations to lunarbo for winning, well done.

                Thank you also for putting my photo in 2nd place, that has made me happy!

                All the photos are very nice, well done to everyone.
                Railway Photos - Steam Train Photos


                  I honestly did not expect to hit the top spot, thought there were some great images here ! Congratulations also to Colin and Stackman.

                  A big thank you to Gary for setting and judging, I know it's not easy

                  I'll get my thinking hat on for the next challenge and post very soon .....
                  Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                    Thanks Garry, well done everyone especially lunarbo for first place.
                    EOS 80D, EF-S 55-250 4-5.6 IS, EF-S 18-55, EF-S 10-18, EF 50 1.8


                      Gary for a intersting topic -- Congrats to the winners



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