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Help needed with request from university

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    Help needed with request from university

    My youngest offspring (forget her name) has gone and got herself a place at University doing photography.

    However she has her aim set on another uni that has asked for some more photos. She has been asked

    'We have discussed your work and what we would like you to do is to send or bring in some new or more developed work in which shows more experimentation, research and better final quality prints. We need to see a little more on the creative ideas side. Can you put together a stronger portfolio over the coming weeks? perhaps some mini projects which show more narrative and originality.'

    Can you helpful people help me understand what is being asked for? I have my ideas, she has hers, can you share yours please?

    Many thanks.

    Re: Help needed with request from university

    Have you read Phonar thread below?


      Re: Help needed with request from university

      Many thanks, I have sent her the link.

      The problem with the Internet is that there is so much information and so little time to read it all. Sometimes you need to ask others for help. Oh and the fact I read so slooowwlly doesn't help.


        Re: Help needed with request from university

        I doubt that anyone can teach creativity, but in the Specialist Subjects forum there are a number of images that might offer a little inspiration. From water drop to variable zoom, from fractals to spinning burning wool. Suggest she has a browse. Good luck.
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          Re: Help needed with request from university


          She is very creative, she sees and recreates ideas using her own twists. It was more the wording about mini projects....I hate small cars!

          Thanks for your time to answer the question.
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            Re: Help needed with request from university

            Oil in water illuminated from a side makes some interesting images
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              I think the Uni is saying up your game and you are in. My Niece is doing photo journalism and really had to dig deep to meet her lectures standards but she did.


                "mini projects which show more narrative and originality."

                As I understand it a narrative picture is one that causes the viewer to create a story from the subjects in the picture.

                There are pictures that are pleasing aesthetically and there are ones that have a narrative.
                In many respects taking an aesthetically pleasing picture is easier than one that has a narrative.
                Spotting the potential narrative picture is a lot harder and something I am not good at but when I see someone's picture and see the narrative (whether that intended by the photographer or the one I have imagined) I understand the added depth in the picture and appreciate the originality in the way the photographer has seen the subjects and photographed them.
                Maybe that is what they are looking for.


                  Just noticed how long ago this thread started.

                  Must have graduated by now.


                    She did, some time ago! And this is a very late reply to everyone who helped.
                    Thank you all she got her degree, made us two very proud parents, and then continued her career working for the National Trust, not involving photography.

                    Hey ho, I trained in Radio Communications and never went anywhere near ship. She will always have the qualification and experience that went with it.

                    Thanks Again.


                      It seems to me that the university officials are interested in your daughter studying with them. Apparently, they liked the photos that your daughter sent them. But they want to reassure themselves, so they ask for more photos. I didn't have this kind of problem when I entered college. Even in high school, I decided to get a psychology degree because I have always been interested in this science. After high school, I found a good college where I sent my resume.