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Uploading photos from Flickr... again

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    Uploading photos from Flickr... again

    It's been a while since I wanted to put photos onto the forum and in the meantime I've forgotten how to do it. I've searched the forum for guidance but I can't make any sense of it at all. What I've read on the forum doesn't seem to match what I see on Flickr and in any case the most recent comments are quite old now. The text at the top of the forum page stating there is information on the FAQ's doesn't make sense either as I can't find any instructions that would assist me. In view of the fact that so many members would, I'm sure, want to put photos on to the forum then perhaps it's time that there was a definitive set of instructions showing us how to do it. I can't spend any more time trying just now, as life is too short so I'll have to leave it for a while.

    Essentially you copy your BB Code from your image on flickr....

    select the photo on flickr so you just see that one image on the screen, at the bottom right of the flickr screen click on the curved arrow (share photo), select BBCode, copy the URL (highlight and then Ctrl and C) then go to your post on the forum an paste it in.....(Ctrl and V) ....thats it.
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      Perhaps this will help, starting at flickr

      1.Open flickr

      2. Double click on black arrow in cloud top right hand of screen
      3. This will open a new page – click on blue window – ‘choose photos & Videos Upload’
      4. Choose the picture you want to upload
      5. Click blue upload panel top right of screen
      6. Picture now uploaded to Flickr
      7. Click on picture to open new window
      8. Click on the upload arrow (the one pointing right) bottom right of screen
      9. This will bring up the BBcode
      10. Copy this code.
      11. Open the EOS Forum
      12. Paste the BB Code in the thread where you want to display your picture

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        Thank you very much, both of you, good of you to take the time. I think I've got it now.


          As someone who is new and trying to figure things out themselves, this thread just helped me out a lot too. Thanks for the easy-to-read steps!