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    Please read the rules carefully before sending your images.

    You will note that we have increased the permitted size of image to maximum 2048 pxls on the longest edge

    This is the opportunity for all forum members to show your best work alongside that of other members and for these images to be judged by your fellow peers.

    You may choose up to 5 images, taken by you using a Canon EOS Camera between January 1st 2019 and December 31st 2019 and be in jpeg format. You will choose into which category they should go from the selection shown below but only 2 are allowed in the same category.

    Each image will be posted into one of 9 categories after the competition closing date and you will be invited to vote for your favourites. All votes are anonymous from everyone else- only you and the organiser will know how you have voted -but you are not allowed to vote for your own image. If you enter an image you MUST vote. If you have not entered an image then enjoy the display and then vote -we really welcome your votes too.

    EOS Magazine have, once again, very generously offered a 50 voucher for the owner of the photo that gets the most votes overall, to be spent in the EOS Shop. Lots of goodies to be had there ! In previous years EOS Magazine has also featured the winners but this obviously depends on their page commitments. However, this Showcase is essentially for us to have some fun, and maybe have some modest Bragging Rights.


    1. You must be a registered user of the EOS Magazine Forum with an overall total minimum post count of 10 by December 31st 2019

    2. You must be the photographer who created the image(s) and have all relevant permissions for the picture to be published publicly in order to enter the challenge.

    3. Photos must have been taken with a Canon EOS Camera ie SLR / DSLR / M & R series

    4. You must ensure your images are a maximum of 2048 pixels along its widest/longest edge, be in JPEG format and the file size must not exceed 5 MB

    5. Entries must be visibly anonymous with no watermarks, distinguishing features or borders.

    6. Photos must have been taken between 1st January 2019 and 31st December 2019 inclusive and arrive in the organiser's inbox (entry details advised below) before midnight UK time on Sunday 19th January 2020

    7. EXIF data should be intact so that the relevant points above can be verified

    8. After the closing date 9 new threads will be posted to show the entries in each category and there will be a brief period to check that your entry is as you expected. All forum members will then be invited to commence voting and voting will last for a period of 7 days.

    9. Images should be sent to and you should indicate in the email:-

    • Your real name
    • Your forum name
    • Your number of postings as at 31.12.19
    • A title for each image that you submit
    • Which category each image is for

    If you are sending the maximum of 5 images you may prefer to send as 2 separate emails to keep the size down whilst sending. Please ensure your details and instructions are clear in each if you do so.

    10. Please attach your entries to the email rather than embed within it.

    11. It is your responsibility to ensure your pictures meet the rules! If they are not clearly verifiable they may be excluded without explanation, although I will do my best to advise you accordingly

    12. The organiser may also enter the challenge (the entries are anonymous and the organiser is trusted to record votes accurately).

    13. Up to FIVE entries are permitted for this challenge, but only TWO can be in the same category. If after entering you want to withdraw an entry, or replace it, this is allowed providing it is done before the closing date for entry and you make it clear in an email to the organiser what you want doing - so ensure the email contains clear instructions and (if required) your replacement picture

    14. If you enter, you HAVE TO VOTE - failure to vote during the vote period will result in your entries being disqualified.

    15. You may not vote for your own image.

    16. The organiser’s decision is final- this competition is being held in good spirit. Please do not PM the organiser with disagreements and disputes during or after the competition.

    17. By entering you agree to abide by the above rules.


    1. BLACK & WHITE only.
    2. HDR, COLOUR POPPING,INFRA-RED and any other photographic 'technique'
    3. LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY - Landscapes, seascapes and the urban landscape.
    4. MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY - Close-ups of any subject.
    5. NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Animals, flowers and other living things.
    6. PEOPLE & PORTRAITS - Portraits, travel and street photography.
    7. SPORT & ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY - All sports and action.
    8. TRANSPORT - Cars, bikes, ships, boats, planes, etc.
    9. XTRA –OTHER -Anything else that does not fall into above categories.

    ** It is your responsibility to ensure that your photo falls in the right category

    Entries may be made from January 1st until midnight UK time on January 19th January 2020

    Send your entries by email to No other email/file transfer will be considered. I will acknowledge receipt of entries as soon as I can. If you encounter problems try again after a few hours or if you have concerns send me a PM to advise me

    Please try not to leave everything to the last minute so that I can run this competition smoothly for the benefit of us all

    Get your thinking caps on, select your own best images of 2019, and let’s have a great competition.

    Good luck everybody

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    Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......

    Greetings and Happy New year. please explain;
    1. EXIF and how do I send (EXIF) with the photo.
    2. Max size 2048 longest edge. if I do this the photo size is around 946.2KB is this ok?
    3. Can I just send a photo that is below the max MB?

    Apologies for being a nuisance.
    CasaRova (Douglas).
    Last edited by CasaRova; 05-01-2020, 07:31.


      Hi Douglas. Answers as follows:

      1. The EXIF is already embedded within the photo, so unless you have used a separate program to rip out EXIF info, it is already there.
      2. That is OK.
      3. You can send an image below the maximum MB. You cannot send an image above the maximum MB.

      Hope that helps.


        Thank you Colin, just beat me to it !

        The exif data should show
        * the date taken - provided you set the current date on your camera when you bought it
        * the camera used - so I know it's a Canon EOS
        * your name -if you have added this information on the camera - so I have an extra check that you are the author
        * it will show settings such as ISO, focal length which may be useful to you but are not my concern here

        Douglas - I would add that if you send me an image that is well below the maximum size of 2048 then it will not show as much detail - ie will appear softer- compared to the larger images. Look forward to receiving your images, if there is a problem we can probably sort it out!

        Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......


          Thank so much to Colin C and Lunarbo for all your help and support. Entries are on their way. May the best photo win.


            I have sent my entries. can't wait to vote.


              OK folks just over half way through entry time, entries must be in by the end of next weekend - Sunday 19th January .

              Everyone who has entered so far has been acknowledged by return email - so if you have sent something and not heard back from me then it's whizzing somewhere in hyperspace .....
              Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                Hi Lunarbo, whe and where will the results be published. Fred.


                  Hello Frederick

                  Entries close end of this weekend 19th and we then aim to have 2 days to get the images up and running on the forum and on Peter's website plus invite entrants to let me know if anything is incorrect.

                  Voting starts Thursday 23rd Jan and runs for one week

                  Winners (category runners up, category winners, and then overall winner and runner up ) will be posted on here during the weekend Friday 31st Jan to February 2nd, in tantalising reverse order...

                  That's the plan and I will aim to stick to this barring major mishap
                  Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                    Competition is closing this Sunday night.

                    Any more entries? Keep ' em coming ............................
                    Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                      OK folks competition now closed for entries. Will aim to get things on here to display as soon as possible
                      Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                        The category albums are up and running on the forum. Currently they are in the EOS Photography section or may be found in the New Topics column
                        Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                          I guess you want them making public now


                            I guess you want them making public now
                            Yes please ! I did send you a PM
                            Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......



                              OK everyone - All the images can be seen near the very end of the EOS Photography section under the heading EOS SHOWCASE 2019
                              Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......