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    Wonderful to be here

    I never joined the old forum, but have been getting the EOS mag e-newsletters for ages. When they mentioned the new forum, I thought I'd join.

    I've been into photography since I was a boy, graduating from good compacts using 35mm film, though 35mm SLRs (still have an Olympus OM10 that I don't have the heart to part with) and finally onto DSLR with the EOS350D. Would like to upgrade, but work is slow at the moment.

    The day job (well out of work at the mo!) is marketing comms, supplemented with photography for weddings and portraits when I can get it.

    Apart from taking a CSE in Photography while at school (quite a few years ago!) I've not had any other training. Thanks goodness modern cameras are easy to use and you get great results from them!

    Here's some links to me in other places:
    LinkedIn Profile:
    Leaving my life to f/8