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Battery problem with 1DX iii

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    Battery problem with 1DX iii

    Hi everybody. This is my first post. I have had the 1DX iii for just over 3 weeks. I traded in my 1DX ii and kept my spare LP-E19 battery. Using the new battery, I only managed 118 shutter count (SC) before the battery was totally discharged. Using my spare, I got 222 (SC). The newly recharged battery that came with the iii got just over 400 (SC). I have used the video and live view, but for only a few minutes as I am mainly a still photographer.I also have to download images from the camera via usb to my MacBook. (Canon say I may have to wait 90 days before the free Sandisk CFExpress card reader arrives) I am awaiting an answer from Canon, however has any other 1DX iii had similar problems. Canon had stated 2000+ (SC) in the advertising campaign.

    Hi Roy, I can't help not being a 1DX lll owner but there are a couple on here that do have the camera. No doubt they will pick this tread up and throw some information your way.

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



      Hello Roy.

      I am not noticing any difference in battery use from what I previously achieved from my 1Dx MKII, but I haven't used live view or video. When uploading to my Mac, it does use the camera battery to "push" the images and a fully charged battery is recommended.

      I always charge the battery before I use it and the counter registers around 2,700 shots on full RAW and from memory, that is pretty consistent with the MKII but, like all of us on here, I haven'y had much opportunity to use it yet. A few days of wildlife, then a week in Norway before everything closed down. I have taken a total of 1,700 images so far, which is nothing compared to my normal usage. I seem to recall that the MKIII had optimised battery usage, so it should take more images for the same battery, not less.

      Sounds like a conversation with your supplier, or direct with Canon is required.


        Hi Roy,

        1DX1 Owner here, have you tried conditioning / calibrating the battery on the charger?
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