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    Inadvertently I seem to have got close to the proverbial Can of ….. My apologies!
    My learning curve has become even steeper, EXIF / Flickr, both into Pandora's box with LR and PS all to await the end of the Plague and then exhaustive tuition!!
    Many thanks to you all


      My flickr shows the exif for all the details, not that I know(or particularly care) what half of it means, as has been said the information is pretty inaccurate to a third party user. I am constantly taking images, where if time permits(ie not something moving fast) with different settings, then when I get home and look on the pc, I see which I prefer and delete those not needed.
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        Originally posted by JayTee View Post
        Inadvertently I seem to have got close to the proverbial Can of ….. My apologies!
        I certainly don't think there's need for any apologies JayTee. I've on a couple of occasions asked someone for their exif info. I also always put the exif on Flickr but know some don't and sometime the photos are marked private. Personally I like what Tom (Tesarver) is currently doing and putting the exif details in the main text of his photographs.



          I think you got two types of photographers on here, the ones who just love the technical side of photography and be able to discuss their settings. Then you got the other like me who could not care two hoots what setting he's got as long as he captures the picture that presents itself. My photography may not be up to the technical standards of a lot on here, but they are a record of what I see in my daily travels. I'm happy with them I like them, hence they get posted. I could not think of anything worse than have to enter into conversation over the settings I used for a particular shot hence I don't show my EXIF.
          I don't sit with my finger on the button waiting for someone to comment on a picture I put up. I know some do, they acknowledge every 'like' they get. Others are keen to keep their picture at the head of the page, personally I don't care whether mines at the top, middle or bottom. I don't acknowledge any 'likes' until my pictures been up for a week. - That's me, wouldn't do for all of us to be the same.

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            The forum is open to all EOS system users who inevitably have a range of motivations for posting and their posts are therefore all welcome. As the forum is primarily about the EOS system I try to keep that in mind and I do tend to put setting details within my post. I joined this forum having received a little invite card within the box containing my first EOS camera - (400D) - and I learnt so much about the system and digital photography in general from the forum members (and magazine). Even now some 10 years later I'm still interested in settings and kit used....maybe its because of my technical background....I'm quite happy to check on flickr if the details are not shown. In contrast to this forum if you look at the RPS website for instance you'll rarely find equipment and technique details because their focus is specifically about the final image not the kit. Horses for courses I guess.
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              Originally posted by Trev B View Post
              ........... wouldn't do for all of us to be the same.
              Never a truer word spoken Trev - as my brother is wont to point out "We all go to hell in our own way - and it's got sod all to do with you!"
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                I am more than happy to share the settings I used , as I am sure most members would be , please just ask if your interested .


                  I have accessed this thread rather late in the day. When I post on this forum I always list the equipment used. As others have mentioned the settings are available on Flickr. As for learning the one thing I would say is it is now far easier to learn with digital cameras than it was with film. With film you had no idea what you'd got until several days or even weeks later when the film had been processed. You wouldn't believe the number of slides I threw away because I had the wrong settings. Whole rolls of film occasionally, and you couldn't go back and take the shots again! Now it's instantaneous. Take a picture and check the histogram on the back of the camera. That in my opinion is the best way to learn and all it's costs is time.



                    Fully agree with you Brian.

                    When I think of how many rolls of film I wasted at Waddington airshow in the mid 1990s through wrong settings! I rarely used slide film back then when away on holidays,but was always lucky with the results through auto bracketing,though of course only one frame out of three was"the one" re exposure being spot on,when I got them back from being processed and put them in the viewer,I was rarely disappointed.

                    Now,like you,I check the histogram,looking for"blinkies"and then adjust my settings accordingly when needed.I realise that histograms aren't 100% accurate,but at least they give an indication.

                    It's all so much easier and cheaper now.
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                      For information, vBulletin has stripped the EXIF data out of images for a several years and versions, as it was one way to attack vBulletin based sites, by editing the EXIF data to include executable code which would run on the server when the image was viewed.

                      I also have friends who are very careful about what EXIF data is made public, they go round documenting rare plants and tracking the populations in the wild and occasionally other people doing similar things have taken pictures and posted them publicly with GeoLocation data included and the whole area has been stripped clean of plants when next visited.