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35mm negatives and slides to CDs

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    35mm negatives and slides to CDs

    I want to look at some old negatives and slides with a view to having them converted to CDs.
    I would very much appreciate some advise as what I should buy to see them clearly before I send off a load of rubbish. The necessary apparatus does not have to be professional level bearing in mind the quality of the originals could leave a little to be desired!

    I have an Epson V600 Scanner that allows my to scan both Negatives and Slides: Here is and example of a negative that I developed today, then scan using the V600:

    Pentex20200801361136912_DxO by tesarver, on Flickr



      Thank you Tom, I shall do some research.


        I have just partially gone through the same exercise. For the 35mm slides I bought a slide copier attachment for my DSLR and copied the 35mm slides onto digital and was very impressed with the results.

        Most of my archive shots are medium format and I have recently bought a Canon 9000F MKII scanner to deal with those. I haven't tried it so far as I am involved in a project, but the first rainy weekend and I will get to grips with the scanner.

        Here are a couple from the slide copier, bought from an auction site for just 20 odd pounds.

        IMG_1915a by colin cross, on Flickr

        IMG_1926a by colin cross, on Flickr