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Minor observations on EOS Magazine Oct-Dec 2017

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    Minor observations on EOS Magazine Oct-Dec 2017

    The comparison of the EOS6D mk2 with the EOS6D mk1 (page 21) says that the mk1 doesn’t have GPS. Oh yes it does, at least the UK version does. In fact the 6D mk1 GPS is, in my opinion, superior to both the 6D mk2 and the 5d mk4. I can either use the internal GPS with the 6D mk1 or I can use my GP-E2 and so have an electronic compass as well; you can’t have an electronic compass with the 6D mk2 or the 5D mk4 since neither of them supports the GP-E2. This is actually a bit of an annoyance, and my one gripe, with my new 5D mk4 – the electronic compass is really very useful.

    You say that JPEGs and TIFFs ‘break down’ as you work on them (page 71). Whereas this is certainly true with JPEGs (due to ‘lossy’ compression) it is not generally true of TIFFs. You can use ‘lossy’ compression with TIFFs if you want to (and your software supports it), but by far the most common compression method with TIFFs (if compression is used at all) is LZW, and this is lossless. Conversion of a RAW to a TIFF ‘creates’ extra data (due to the Bayer filter mosaic) and, usually, because of the increased colour depth (assuming you are creating a 16-bit TIFF). But this is the same process that has to take place regardless of the conversion (albeit creating a JPEG involves reducing the colour depth to 8-bits). A lossless conversion to another format doesn’t impact the ability to then change the colour balance without any further degradation.

    Just knit-picking ;) Love the magazine, and wait eagerly for each and every issue.

    I have been a subscriber for 25 years (good grief), but in my accounts system my subscription is still called “Canon User” – I don’t recall when the name changed to “EOS Magazine"!

    Keep up the good work.

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