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Canon DPP v4

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    Canon DPP v4

    In the October - December 2016 issue there is a feature on Sharpening. It tells of Sharpness and Unsharp mask. Nowhere that I can see does it say use one or the the other or both? Advice please.

    And in the July - September 2018 a feature on DPP v4 updated refers to a more complete review published just over a year previously. I've looked back to January - March 2017 and can't find it, but I'm sure I've seen it. If anyone can pinpoint it and quote a reference I'd be quite happy. Pretty sure my glimmers aren't going to see it now if it jumped off the page and bit me!

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    Re: Canon DPP v4

    Best advice is to use Unsharp Mask if you are preparing to print. Unsharp mask allows greater control over how much you sharpen, the radius/width over which you sharpen and the edge contrast level at which sharpening is applied. 'Sharpness' is a simpler (crude?) system with no control other than on the overall intensity applied.

    Either way sharpening should only be applied at the output stage minimise artefacts.

    DPP4 has been covered variously in several issues but as i don't have mine to hand I can't say where the fullest review might be found. Are you using DPP4? If not why not download it (it's free, all you need is your camera's serial number) and try it out...

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      Re: Canon DPP v4

      Yes, I'm trying DPP v4. I find learning anything digital very difficult (some sort of dyslexic issue) hence my interest in finding printed instruction.


        Re: Canon DPP v4

        If you download the EOS magazine cumulative index at:
        you will find over 30 entries for Digital Photo Professional.

        You can also download the Canon DPP manual at:


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