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Coton Manor Lake. {again}

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    Coton Manor Lake. {again}

    Coton Manor Lake. by Ian Wheatley, on Flickr
    _H8A0059 copy.jpg-2 by Ian Wheatley, on Flickr
    Yet one more from Coton. {Sorry} Was taking variations of this shot then these two figures came into the frame and they and their reflections caught my eye so I quickly snapped them. I think its only this factor that lifts and rescues an otherwise dull shot but, as always, interested to hear what others think. Regards, Ian P.

    PS. Portrait view added as an afterthought. Improvement or what?
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    Re: Coton Manor Lake. {again}

    No need to apologise as it's a lovely location.

    Normally I'm less happy with people in landscape shots but this pair add so much that they make the shot

    There's still something strange about them, even on Flickr, as the leaves lack definition - is it something to do with your processing?

    The crop is far, far better than the LS aspect original as I found the bench in shadow and taking up over half the scene overpowering .

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      Re: Coton Manor Lake. {again}

      The bench on the original shot, assisted by the bush, totally dominates the scene and yet isn't the subject while the house can barely be seen and the lake is not much better placed, as is you're right - one for the bin...

      The crop, despite the intrusive bush, is far more effective. The red jacket inevitably draws the attention and then you see interaction between the two people which is also pleasingly echoed in the reflection. Personally I'd be tempted to go further and crop to 5x4 format losing the tops of the trees.

      IQ does seem a bit gritty but that could be the downsizing, I had one yesterday that I down sized to 1200 pixels tall from the original 6000 and even though I had the resizer set to smoother I still ended up adding a touch of blur to stop it looking hyper-sharp...

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