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Battery powered location strobe recommendations?

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    Battery powered location strobe recommendations?

    Im looking to buy a battery powered strobe for location use.

    500 or 600 watt should do the trick.

    Im thinking possibly the Bowens XMT500 or the Godox AD600 as I have a load of Bowens studio strobes (GM500) and lighting modifiers already so Ill be able to use them with either of these battery powered strobes.

    Ive done the math and the prices, including the required trigger, come in at:

    Bowens XMT500 699
    Bowens XMRT remote (Canon) 129
    Total: 828

    Godox AD600 manual version (not TTL) 485
    ST4 trigger 59.99
    Total: 544.99

    So, Godox is 283 cheaper.

    I think there is some connection between Godox and Bowens, but I suspect the Bowens might be build to a slightly higher standard? Not sure, but the Godox (being a Chinese knock off) seems a bit on the pricey side also, I would have thought cheap Chinese brands would be just that, cheap but the AD600 seems far from it.

    Any advice here as to which head to go for, or if there are any other brands to consider, excluding Broncolor and Profoto for price reasons. Not sure about Elinchrom as I have loads of Bowens modifiers.

    The Bowens units are built to a Bowens spec.AURELIUS bought the Bowens brand back in 2016, but they also acquired Calumet as well as WEX Photographic. Effectively Bowens is an 'Own Brand' of WEX/Calumet. They are built by Godox to the Bowens Spec.Take your pick. I use Godox lights in my studio and they have been fine. I have Bowens lights that have also been fine. As a guide I shoot around 20,000 flash shots per year and my Godox units are 5 years old. I have had similar use from my Bowens units. As for colour temperature accuracy there is very little to choose between them.
    As point of interest, Godox lights are sold my several companies under different names. They have been reviewed in several magazines and have always fared well against the well known brands.
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