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suitable flash system for EOS RP

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    suitable flash system for EOS RP

    Morning knowledgeable people,

    I have an EOS RP and I love it - I'm an enthusiast who has a lot to learn still but I love taking photos.
    I have a couple of hundred pounds spare and thought a flashgun may be a good addition to my kit.

    The RP does not have an inbuilt flash so if I wanted to do off camera flash I would need a wireless trigger ?

    It will be for fun more than anything, I dont expect to become an expert on flash but it will be something to play with.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    You would indeed need a wireless trigger, I already had a 430ex and recently got a EL-100 flash that will serve as a transmitter for off camera flash, that gives me the option of having dual flash guns if I need them. The alternative is to get a dedicated transmitter unit, I know people who have bought canon alternatives and they have worked well and are cheaper. It might depend on whether optical wireless is going to be acceptable or whether you need the versatility of RF, if the latter it’ll definitely need to be a dedicated transmitter and an RF compatible flash.


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