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Watching 7D movies on a TV

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    Watching 7D movies on a TV

    Hi All

    First post here - I hope someone can help!

    I've been using the movie mode a lot on my 7D recently but was very disappointed to find that watching them back on a TV is not nearly as straight forward as I's hoped!

    All my 7D's pictures/movies get downloaded to my pc and stored on a portable Hard Drive.I can play them back on the PC without any issues - I just double click them and they open in real player.

    When I connect the western digital portable hard drive to the TV via a western digital mini media player I find that I cannot watch them as the player will not support HD movies. So I've reduced the movies to an inferior quality which the media player can cope with but it will not play the sound! I've changed the movie format from real player to mpeg and multiple different sound formats but to no avail - I cannot get it to play the sound and it's driving me nuts.

    Here's the really important question then ..... Does anyone know if there is an HD media player on the market which will allow me to use my portable Hard Drive to store & play 7d files as they are produced from the camera?? I really do not want to have to jump through any hoops in post processing - post processing movies is really not my thing ... all i want to do is shoot the movies, download to HD and play via media player.


    Re: Watching 7D movies on a TV

    I posted this a while ago having tried to view movies taken on my 7D. I don't take too many movies ... and this processing was a faf. So I'd be interested if there was a post-processor free method.


      Re: Watching 7D movies on a TV

      I rarely use my camera for video.
      I have however make 100s of video compilations to watch on my TV via my DVD player.
      I convert the video format to mpeg (mpg) and use Tsunami MPEG DVD Author Pro to create the DVD (vob, bup, info files).
      I then play the final movie via the DVD player.

      Alternately you can just plug the camera into the TV (or DVD recorder) via the HDMI sockets.
      If you have a HDMI out on your computer graphics card then this can be connected directly to the TV.

      Sorry I can't be more helpful.