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I did not expect this to work

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    I did not expect this to work

    Towards the end of the family do for my grand-nephew's christening, I swept the camera round the assembled masses with a view to seeing if a panorama shot could be made.

    I took 5 shots, shown below, and when I looked at them and noted the considerable differences in some people's positioning between the shots, I was not at all confident of an acceptable result.

    Pano 01 by John Liddle, on Flickr

    Pano 02 by John Liddle, on Flickr

    Pano 03 by John Liddle, on Flickr

    Pano 04 by John Liddle, on Flickr

    Pano 05 by John Liddle, on Flickr

    However, I put the 5 shots through the LR pano process and I am surprised at the excellent way it has coped. Bravo!

    Party pano by John Liddle, on Flickr
    John Liddle

    Backwell, North Somerset - "Where the cider apples grow"

    Good work, John, and always worth trying.
    I do a lot of panos as it's far more convenient to use the 24-105 that is seemingly welded to the body and stitch than carry my (excellent) 16-35.
    Some panos, though, can have hilarious results with people who moved sufficiently to appear twice



      It surprising how well the pano stitcher can work. Where I find it has problems is with wide angle lens settings and/or panos where one end is much closer than the other...

      You may know me from Another Place....

      The new ElSid Photogallery...

      Equipment: Far too much to list - including lots of Nikon...


        Yes wide angles can lead to distortions but PS's 'Merger to Panorama' ability has some options that serve to reduce or even eliminate it.


          Excellent result John - well done

          Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



            Quite amazing, nice work John.
            7D, 400D, EF-S 15-85 f3.5/5.6, EF 100 f2.8 USM macro, Sigma 10-20 f4/5.6, Sigma 70-300 f4/5.6 APO, Sigma 50 f1.4, EF 28-90, EF 90-300, Sigma 150-600C, 430 EXll, Yongnuo 568 EX ll, Yongnuo Triggers, Yongnuo YN14-EX Ring Flash



              The software has improved enormously over the years. That photo is a good reminder of the day. Well done.