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    This evening I viewed a video on line regarding abstract art using Photoshop, so naturally I had to try it with some modifications however as they used the full version.
    Just wanted to share the results with you -- as I mentioned before, art really is in the eye of the beholder and I do appreciate this will not be to everyone's taste.
    My thoughts are that it is too dark, but I do not know how to make it lighter!! Perhaps it would make a good background for something?

    This is just playing - you do need your own good photograph as a starting point.

    All feedback, comments and observations welcome.


    tartan rose by Rose, on Flickr

    The original photo by Rose, on Flickr

    As you say Rose it is a bit dark but I like the concept; to me it looks like swirls of tartan as you’d see in some wild dance. Definitely something well worth pursuing! Well done.


    Flickr page


      A bit on the dark side I think. The black point is about right but a boost of the colours wouldn't go amiss.

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        Thank you Ian and Nigel for looking and taking time to comment.
        I must admit that having manipulated the original rose image I had not thought of using Photoshop to brighten the colours!


          As the others say, it is a bit dark, but I do like it. Well done.


            Thank you Colin for looking and your comments.
            next time I’m using my pc I’ll see what brightening the image achieves.


              Hi Rose agree with the comments above, can’t help much as it’s not my thing. However that is a stunning shot of the rose

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                I had a bit of a play at doing these a couple of years ago, prompted by a challenge on another forum that I am a member of. That forum is about image processing and not EOS cameras specifically so I think it is ok to share a link on here as it isn't in competition for members. My effort, whcih also looks quite tartan, is the eighth posting, but you may be inspired by some of the other efforts, or indeed some of the other challenges, which always start with a tutorial, for this one there is both a video and written instructions (which I find easier to follow):
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