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Transporter Bridge

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    Transporter Bridge

    In October 2011 this bridge celebrated it Centenary, as part of the celebrations the bridge was illuminated with a light show that had different colours of lighting travelling across the structure. I was recently asked by a friend if they could have a print of this image. Hence me re processing an image from 2011.

    This bridge along with a couple of others on the river are now illuminated on a permanent basis. I keep meaning to capture new images of them all, that's a piece of work that is still on my to do list!

    Sadly the bridge is starting to show its age although it has had money spent on it. To create a visitor centre and also to make it more accessible. The gondola has been refurbished and a lift installed for tours up to the top.

    I can remember when, for grand sum of one old penny (it was a cheaper option than a ticket to cross on the gondola) you could climb the steps on the South side of the bridge walk across the top and then down the steps on the North side. This is no longer possible as the steps on the North side of the structure were removed some time ago.

    In 2002 the television program "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" made the bridge the centre of a storyline that dismantled and then rebuilt the bridge in Arizona.

    Prior to that in 1974 the TV comedian Terry Scott drove straight off the front of the platform on the South side thinking it was a solid bridge. Both he and his Jaguar ended up in the safety net underneath the structure which luckily prevented him and his car having a bath in the river!.

    Well that's sufficient rambling from me, I hope you like the image.


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    Very nice, what a wonderful bit of Meccano. Auf Wiedersehen Pet, why don't we have programmes like that now on the Tele instead of the crap they put on.

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



      Nice shot Peter, you have done the old lady proud.

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        Lovely colors



          Nice photo - I went across by accident when the SatNav directed me that way when I was going to the power station. I didn't have a camera with me at the time but it was an experience. Must go back someday.



            Very nice colourful photo.
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              Looks good.
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                A great image Peter
                John Liddle

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                  That’s a great pic Peter, especially lit up as it is; wouldn’t look anywhere near as good in daylight.


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