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  • @imagesBV
    I’ve had the R6 for a month now and concur with you.
    in selecting focus point I’m using the touch screen which can be set to use a limited area ensuring you can reach far enough with your thumb even when using the viewfinder.

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  • SpringfieldPhoto
    started a topic Canon EOS R6

    Canon EOS R6

    I have used the camera for 2 days and have tried it in various styles of photography. Image quality is excellent and colour rendition is accurate. The handling is good and the additional thumb wheel is very useful. I did find adjusting the AF point position a bit awkward using the multi controller, my hands a large and using the multi controller while using the viewfinder wasn't that easy. Thankfully Canon have kept the menus in the same style as previous cameras and the quick menu works well. I use a battery grip on all my cameras and the BG-R10 grip is first class and very comfortable to use. The viewfinder is clear but using the smooth rather than the power saving mode may prove detrimental to battery life. I have used the standard dumb adapter with all of my lenses and they have all performed well. So all that is good. Having read very good reports on the 'kit lens' the 24 - 105 STM , bought that lens as part of the kit. The performance of this lens is surprising given its low price. True it isn't 'fast glass' but the images are sharp and the lens is great value for money.

    Now for the negative points. Opening the box was very disappointing, no manual, no cables just the body, a battery, the charger, a neck strap and, in my cast the STM lens. My 5D Mk IVs came with cables, a clamp device so that the cables won't pull out and full set of well as disc full of software. If you are mad enough you can buy the Canon USB C interface cable for the princely sum of 50.99 (they are having a laugh, surely).
    The battery grip is extortionately expensive 429 and doesn't have one feature that it's stablemate, the BG-E22, for the R has, namely a PC socket to allow you to sync with studio flash. As 50% of my photography is done with studio flash it's a good thing I use radio triggers. My TC-80N3 remote doesn't fit the R6.

    My overall feeling is that the camera is a very good example of a mirrorless camera. I will enjoy using it now that I have turned off some of the clever features that are of no use to me. It is a bit lighter to carry than my 5D Mk IVs and the easy handling, vari-angle screen, well laid out controls are a joy to use, as is the clear viewfinder. It is a good camera and I am glad that I bought it. Will I be getting rid of my two DSLR 5D MK IVs, not at present. They still offer superb performance and I have the lenses that match them. Would I recommend the R6 to someone looking for a mirrorless camera, yes I would. I look forward to the future developments.

    One final point, Some RF lenses do offer performance advantages over other lenses but some are a disappointment. Their biggest drawback is price. In a recent side by side test the RF 70-200 was the most expensive lens on the test and it was not the best on performance. 2,729 is a hell of a lot of money. I cannot see how such a price can be justified when a Sigma 70-200 OS HSM DG Sport programmable lens can be bought for 1,179.
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