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Trying to cancel Adobe monthly subscription

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    Trying to cancel Adobe monthly subscription

    Hi all,
    Just thought I would put in writing on my thoughts about Adobe monthly subscription package or in fact trying to cancel the same. Well, I will tell you it is a nightmare. It as taken over a week to complete such a simple task. Adobe lie and use devious tactics to prevent you at any cost cancelling even going to the subterfuge of saying that your credit card no longer works and you need to contact them through their chat help site. They call it chat help. It could not be further from the truth. Again a little ruse to get you not to end your contract.
    I was passed from pillar to post being batted back and forth by Adobe reps each asking the same questions. The zero wait indicator turned into 30minutes every time it came up. I was on their site every day for over a week and I'm really still not sure my contract as been cancelled or not. If its so simple to join the monthly subscription Photography with one click of a button why do you have to jump through so many hoops to end it?
    I did a little research on the internet and their are thousands of Adobe clients like me going through the nightmare of trying to cancel.
    What is a company like Adobe doing? they are losing thousands of customers by such underhanded tactics, that almost in my opinion verge on the illegal.
    Would I use their software again? I will leave you to judge that.
    Rant over

    Re: Trying to cancel Adobe monthly subscription

    I've had similar problems with other companies in the end just went to my bank and blocked payment - then sent a recorded letter saying I'd stopped my account giving one months notice
    :- Ian

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      Re: Trying to cancel Adobe monthly subscription

      Interestingly I found the option to cancel quite easily. What I'm having difficulty with is the need to pay a 42.85 cancellation fee.
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