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Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

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    Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

    I have several camera bags - the most widely used is my trusty sling type, but occasionally I use my backpack.

    The problem is, with my over the shoulder sling style bag, I find that carrying it for several hours really hurts my shoulder these days, so I am considering a smaller backpack (both shoulders) to distribute the load.

    I've look at a few in the local shops, but they have nowhere near the range of bags.

    What I'm looking for is a bag that will carry Canon EOD 6D Mk II, 24-105L Lens - one other lens - either a 50mm or a 100mm prime, batteries, SD cards, small torch, bottle of water and a remote. The ability to attach a tripod would be useful too. Mostly, while out and about, I carry the camera and 24-105 lens separately, but it's nice to stick them in a waterproof bag when then inevitable shower drops its load.

    Above all, the bag needs to sit in the small of my back (the most comfortable location for me) for long periods of time, yet be reasonably quickly accessible.

    Any suggestions?

    Canon EOS 6D Mk II, 700D, Canon 24-105mm L, 100-400mm, 100mm f2.8 L Macro.

    Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

    Jock, a photography mate of mine uses a bag produced by a company called Mind Shift Gear (part of the Think Tank group of companies)
    His is a Backlight 26 litre. That companies range may be worth a G**gle for reviews.
    I was considering getting the same bag to replace my LowePro backpack, mainly because the mind shift bag opens from the reverse side. My LowePro is the opposite so when I put it on the ground to open it the side thatís on the ground picks up all sorts of rubbish on the padded mesh. That means when I put the bag back on the rubbish/dampness is against my back.
    Another brand that may be worth a look is Vanguard. I was at a wedding last year and the Pro Photographer was using a bag that was an Amazon own brand.
    Iím not sure all the above will help you choose a new bag but it may be good for thought. Bags are difficult to try before you buy as the limited amount of high street camera shops where you can try them out.

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      Re: Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

      I don't have any specific backpack recommendations but Tenba may be worth a look at. They do a decent range and are very good quality - I've been using one of their DNA bags for a couple of years now and while it's starting to show signs of wear it's still in good nick and has been very solid.

      As an alternative, I've got a Crumpler Belly backpack which is very well made and solid. They do photo gear as well but you may find one of their backpacks with some inserts works well too...
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        Re: Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

        I have quite a variety of different bags, but if Iím carrying my ďseriousĒ gear I take the Backpack - Lowepro Flipside 300. I never get backache with that. It holds 80D withEF 24-105, EF 70-300, EF 100 macro, EF-s 10-18, EF-S 35 macro, plus several filters. It has a zipped pocket for handbag stuff, plus 2 outside pockets for water bottles. Also has a holder for a tripod. Can highly recommend it.

        Canon 90D, 77D, Plus a load of lenses, especially macro.


          Re: Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

          I’m on the lookout for one myself.....the spec of Jan’s suggestion looks good.

          My shortlist is
          Manfrotto advanced travel backpack
          Manfrotto street backpack
          Lowepro slingshot edge 250
          Lowepro photo classic

          All have tripod facility....and laptop facility.....the slingshot is lighter at 800g, Manfrotto street is next lightest 1.1kg
          ....still cant make up my mind!
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            Re: Can anyone advise me on a camera bag?

            Thanks for all the help guys - I guess I'll have to make a trip a little further afield and try some different bags - like ST-EOS says, the problem is trying out the bags especially as there are so few local camera shops these days.

            I'll let you know when I find my "perfect" bag! :-)
            Canon EOS 6D Mk II, 700D, Canon 24-105mm L, 100-400mm, 100mm f2.8 L Macro.