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Got myself a new computer

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    Re: Got myself a new computer

    I can honestly say to anyone that if you want to smile while editing, then a MAC is the way to go. The OS is lightweight, hassle free and is responsive. It takes 33 seconds for my MAC to start up. When it does I can have LR open in 2 seconds.

    On my laptop it takes 5.5 mins to get to editing in LR, then 5 seconds between each move of the slider.

    The only thing I've found with LR5 on the MAC is that when you move a slider, the pic goes fuzzy, then refocuses with the change.
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      Re: Got myself a new computer

      Congrats on your new toy Paul, you will have loads of fun with it.

      Couple of points, Mavericks is running fine on my machine, with only one issue, the indexing seems all to pot on occasion, for example, I have a folder full of tiff's (2,600-83GB) on a SSD drive, that i frequently go to, if they are sorted by 'name' or 'none' then the images show instantly & I can scroll through them. But if I want to sort by 'date added' (which I frequently do), then it takes around 30 seconds for the sort to sort itself out, whereas previously (pre-Mavericks) it would sort instantly.

      This 'issue' has been mentioned a number of times an Apple forums, some suggest the spotlight indexing is to blame?

      Secondly, memory, I'm running 16GB DDR3 memory on my machine, which I find sufficient, looking at my 'memory monitor' it never goes beyond 12GB usage, even with a few files opened in PS, and background programs running.

      Apart from Photoshop I don't run any memory intensive programs (video rendering for example), so I find 16GB is enough for me.
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