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EOS 90D CR3 thumbnail previews on iMac

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    EOS 90D CR3 thumbnail previews on iMac


    I have recently purchased a Canon 90D camera which has CR3 RAW files.I have downloaded the images onto a folder on my desktop. When i open the folder to view the images the main image shows i highlight it but all of the thumbnails are not images but PS icons (I use Photoshop for editing)
    There is also no Exif details which normally appears on the left side of the preview pane in the folder window. Also the .XMP files are blank.

    I also have other folders on my desktop which contain CR.2 Raw files from my 5DMKIV Canon Camera and the thumbnails all open as images as they should do.

    I can view all of the images properly in Adobe Bridge & Lightroom etc

    The problem seems to be trying to view them via the Mac preview

    I have made sure all of the view options in the folders are the same for the CR3 & CR2

    I know this is not a major issue as i can view the images in other programs but it's just annoying

    to be able to view Thumbnails in one format and not the other.

    I have posted the issue on the Apple support forum too and someone has said they have the same issue and cannot figure it out.
    i have tried to upload an image of the folder but everything seems to be hanging at the moment

    I hope someone could give some advice please.

    Regards Adrian
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