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6D mkII confirmation needed.

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    6D mkII confirmation needed.

    This morning I tried to do a close of a plant (for identification purposes only). Using my 6D mkII + Sigma 105mm Macro and kept getting ERR70 messages. I think I've resolved it (after having read the manual) but wonder if a member could confirm what I'm thinking.....

    Am I right in thinking that every time I want to use Mirror lock up on a 6D mkII I have to activate it in the menu - and deactivate it for normal use afterwards. If I then use mirror lock up for fine tuning the focus, I have to return the mirror before depressing the shutter button / remote twice to use the feature. If I go straight from focussing to exposure I get an ERR70 message.

    It's a lot different from my old 60D.

    Wouldn't using live view get round the problem?