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D60 images - 6mp

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    D60 images - 6mp

    I was fascinated by Alan's thoughts that 6mp was perfectly adequate and in many respects I agree. Here are a couple of images taken on my D60, which was a couple of years before Alan's 10D.

    Mini 011b by colin cross, on Flickr

    YSky 03d by colin cross, on Flickr

    The first is my Mini, which I still own and the second is the Black Arrows, the lesser known Navy acrobatic display team. From these images, it is quite apparent that 6mp is perfectly adequate and indeed, I had many images published nationally using this camera.

    However, for publication they wanted Jpegs, so that 6mp ended up between 3 and 4mp and if you needed to crop the image, that would drag it down even more. Now even that was fine as long as there was good light and you could keep the ISO down to ISO100, or ISO200. You dare not go to ISO400 or above as that was a quality killer - grain (digital noise) the size of lentils!

    So, while I look back at my D30 and D60 with a certain amount of nostalgia and fondness, you had to work within its limitations to get the best out of it and effectively that meant no cropping and no poor light. To get the same images now, I don't have to work so hard as 20mp plus allows me to crop ti suit the image and with wildlife, I often have to crop a lot. Also, I don't have to be fearful about using high ISO in poor light and regularly use ISO3200 and ISO6400.

    Excellent couple of images Colin.
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      Yep good images. Quite agree about the limitations we're use to slightly different ones now.

      Wonder if we'll look back at current cameras and have the same thoughts, probably in the not too distant future I suspect.
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        Yes, lovely images, love the Mini, I used to have a Cooper S until I wrecked it around a tree.

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          Excellent pics Colin, you’d have a job to tell they were just 6mp.


          Flickr page


            Hot Mini Colin.

            I'd have to agree 6Mp is certainly enough for online and projected digital images - at least for now. Does get a little more limiting for printing and definitely when cropping....

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              I wasn't suggesting that 6mp was adequate for all purposes but I was suggesting that high pixel counts are not the total answer either. 18 months ago I won a competition with an A3 print that had been shot on my 10D. So long as you weren't cropping the image it was perfectly possible to get first class A3 prints from 6mp. As for the present day I have either 30mp or 20mp at my disposal and to be quite frank I pick my camera by what I am going to do. In the studio I marginally prefer the 5D4 up in the hills I definitely prefer the R6. Those preferences are to do with weight and handling and NOT the number of pixels.

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