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Thoughts on lens wear & Cokin type filters

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    Thoughts on lens wear & Cokin type filters

    I didn’t know where to put this, in accessories or lenses so I put it here.

    Many years ago I was into film photography in a big way and had several lenses and filters.
    Back them the lenses were made of a lot of solid metal and other than the apeture and focus rings on the outside all the other moving parts was inside the lens.

    If you put a filter on the lens it screwed onto the front like it does now but back then it was attached to a solid part of the lens. Now it screws to a moving part of the lens.

    Except for a screw on UV filter I like Cokin filters as they are what I used back then and I’d like to think I know their uses / limitations very well. As I’ll soon be buying filters for my 15 -55mm & 55 – 250mm lenses and want to make the right choice.

    The question.
    Are the lenses of today that are made of as much (if not more) plastic as metal up to the frequent pulling and pushing about when changing / moving filters? Especially as the moving part of the lens is the bit that has to put up with the abuse.

    I know, I know
    I do treat all my kit with kid gloves as that ensures it will do its job when asked to. But I am concerned that pulling about a moving part of the lens may either cut short the lenses life or make the moving parts become loose or worn before their time.

    Has anyone used a modern zoom lens with Cokin type of filters over a period of years and noticed any excessive wear?
    It would be good to hear the thoughts of other users of Cokin type filters

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