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    Zoom Lens Change

    I'd appreciated any input from those on here. I'm currently using a Canon 7D ii and have the following lenses, which I use mainly for wildlife and aviation 70-200 f4L & 400 f5.6L

    I'm considering trading in both for a 100-400 mkii as this would save me from carrying two lenses. However I have a slight concern the gap between the top end of my 17-50 walkabout lens and the bottom end of the 100-400 may be too big. Similarly the 100-400 has a smaller max aperture compared to the f4.

    So any thoughts appreciated

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    Re: Zoom Lens Change

    In my opinion there is no real need to have anything in between 50 and 100mm......I had a Mki 100-400L and it was as good as the 70-200f4L so I'd definitely go for that....only concern would be the 100-400 is still substantially bigger to carry then a 70-200F4.
    I sold my 100-400 as I didn't use it enough and didn't need the reach very have a 200 f2.8L....its light, small and excellent.(and cheaper!)
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      Re: Zoom Lens Change

      I have a 24-70 F4 and the 100-400 F4.5-5.6 IS II and find that combination to be fine, each has its own use so there is no “missing” area. My 100-400 is invariably mounted and ready to use and I wouldn’t be without it, indeed it was the first lense I got when I changed to Canon!

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        Re: Zoom Lens Change

        I have the 70-200 f4L IS and I also have a Tamron 200-400 and frankly unless I know I'm going to need 400mm I don't take it out. While it may not be as chunky as The 100-400 it's still pretty sizeable... Mostly I stick w either cross my fingers and hope I don't need more length or I pack a teleconverter as an extra option....

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          Re: Zoom Lens Change

          Thanks to everyone for their input. Essentially I think it comes down to either:

          1. Stick with what I've got (cheaper !) but become more focused on what I'm likely to be shooting so I don't have to carry both telephoto lenses

          2. Get the one size fits all which is heavier than the 70-200 but lighter than carrying both lenses

          Hmm decisions, decisions !!

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            Re: Zoom Lens Change

            I have the 7D mkII & the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens combo.
            I love the reach (400mm) of the EF 100-400mm lens and it's pretty sharp.

            I recently (earlier this year) visited Chester zoo and took a look at the focal range of the images taken.
            I have also checked some photos taken a few years ago (2010/2011) taken with my original 7D camera.
            I was missing the 70-100mm range but most images were taken at 200mm or under.
            When I can afford it (and the price goes down) I will possibly buy a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III to cover the range at zoos as this will be a more suitable and useable focal range.
            I will also keep the EF 100-400mm lens.
            My other consideration would be a full-frame camera such as the Canon 5D mkIV which would cover the focal range that I miss by having a larger sensor. (wider FOV so 100mm = 100mm as opposed to 100mm = 160mm on 7D)

            My next lens will likely be an EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS as I miss owning this macro lens.
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              Re: Zoom Lens Change

              I have a 100-400 which is great. However as a 7d max is F8 that means you are limited to 1.4x - so to get a 2x then you need to be either have a f4 lens (like a 400DO) to get the 2x OR, as I did, get a R switch takes up to F11.