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Scanning 35mm and 120 slides and negs.

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    Scanning 35mm and 120 slides and negs.

    I have been busy during lockdown and gone through all of my 35mm and 120 negs and slides. All of the commercial stuff has been binned and that leaves the personal and family stuff that needs to be scanned, before they are binned.

    I don't have a scanner and after this exercise, don't foresee a need for one, so I won't be committing three figures to buy the very best. What do members recommend that will do 35mm and 120, reasonable price, good quality results and fairly easy to set up. Speed would be nice, but on a trade off, I would sooner have higher quality.

    You could always make 1 doesn't seem too difficult

    about halfway down the page

    EOS 5D Mk 1V EOS 7D Mk ii Lenses EFS 18-55mm EFS 55-250mm EF 50mm 24-105mm Sigma EX 70-200 Sigma 150-600c


      Can’t help you much there Colin, I bought an Epson 850 Pro to do exactly that job but that’s probably way above what you want to spend.



        Hi Colin. You can always use your DSLR for best results. I think you would be very disappointed with any of the socalled cheap scanners because most are not scanners at all.
        Even if you have hundreds or even thousands of pics, with a good carefull set up you can whizz through the copying has quick and probably quicker than most of these cheapo's.
        It also great fun to look back down memory lane when doing it. Good luck.


          Colin. I copied a large number of my 35mm transparencies last your before they were shown the bonfire. I did it with a old transparency copier that I had from my film days that the holder and diffuser were broken.. Obviously it would not fit to my D5 so I superglued it to a 12mm extension tube I never use. I then inverted my old light box and made a mask and holder for the transparency, to fit to the front of the light box. I then made a wooden frame to mount the camera on, and lined it up with the transparency holder on the light box and hey pesto I was in business. I was pleased with the results.

          Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



            I have railway slides and negatives from the middle 1980's, I send mine too Mr Scan Ltd.

            I am always happy with the results.
            Railway Photos - Steam Train Photos


              I've been working on using a modified slide projector - replacing the old lamp with a LED light source, using a couple of ground glass screens to diffuse the light to an even flat field, then using 5D MK III with 100mm macro lens to take the image, I had several reasonable results from initial tests, but put the project on hold while I did some other stuff.

              It's controlled by an Arduino micro controller, to advance to the slide slide, wait until the projector signals its in place, then to trigger the camera, which is connected to a laptop running EOS Utility to act as a big viewfinder, there is the option to then pause for setting adjustment to get the best image, or if there are multiple images with similar lighting the process automatically repeats until the pre-selected number of slides have been captured.

              I had a few problems initially getting a flat light field across the whole slide area - there was a large hotspot in the middle but a bit of fiddling with some frosted paper and different grinding on the glass got it pretty much even across the whole area.

              It gives reasonable results from the initial tests and is much quicker than using my Epson 750 flatbed photo scanner, which is useful when there are several thousand slides to do.


                For the 35mm I'm using a Kodak slide scanner I was given this year. It is working very well. Done about 3000 so far, just got to 1985.



                  Colin, here is a quick way to scan negatives using your iPhone. The app is called FilmBox

                  here is a sample of a scanned negative . Cost is $19.99 For 5 years

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                    I was lucky Colin, in that a friend of mine had an Otptek slide scanner, and was kind enough to loan it to me. I scanned all of my slides, some 500+ of them, and it was very time consuming. I would scan a batch each day. As you say, it really isn't worth buying one, as you are very unlikely to ever need it again. Hope you find an easy solution to getting yours digitised.