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DPP4: Quick View & in-camera cropped images

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    DPP4: Quick View & in-camera cropped images

    Up until recently none of my EOS can do cropped images in camera so I've not encountered the way the Quick View option deals with in-camera cropped raw files.

    Last night I was sorting and rating some raw files from my 650D and noticed, eventually, that some seemed a bit on the narrow side Looking at the main screen I noticed that the thumbnails had crop lines on them. It appears that somehow I had unintentionally activated the 16:9 ratio in live view - sorted that immediately!

    No problem thinks I, I can open the files in Edit mode, clear the crop, save the changes and then everything will be fine. WRONG!... Clearing the crop has absolutely no effect on the image you see in Quick View, you still see the cropped version even though the main screen thumbnail shows no crop. Equally changing the crop to square made no difference either - the Quick View image still shows as 16:9...

    In the end I had to sort the images in Edit mode which took a lot longer due to the temptation to fiddle with the image settings as I went along...

    Anyone else had a similar problem with this? Did you find a fix? (though I suspect there isn't).

    Incidentally this is not confined to DPP4, it proved to be the same in DPP3 as well.

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