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Affinity Photo is half price for a while

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    Affinity Photo is half price for a while

    While I use Photoshop I see Affinity are selling their well-respected and really-quite-similar photo editor for 23.99 at present (Windows/Mac). I don't have the full version so will leave people to make their own minds up; but do have their iPad one, which is impressive for a tablet, but needs an Apple Pencil and specific hardware.

    IMHO well worth a look, and a check of some reviews, if you don't want an Adobe subscription...

    I've just downloaded the 90 day trial version. Only ever used Canon DPP before, so seems very complicated to start with but impressed with some initial results.

    As taken

    fishguard lifeboat stations by Stackman1, on Flickr

    With added sky, never done this before, quite pleased with the result.

    fishguard 2 by Stackman1, on Flickr

    Still 80 days to go.



      This appears to be on offer currently....I’m interested in replacing my Lightroom subscription
      does anyone know if it has radial and grad filters?
      Brian Vickers LRPS


        I use affinity but do not know if they have these filters but I know you can download plugin packs for a one off fee ,check out there tutorial website ,very informative and helpful
        hope this helps


          Like many others I have trialed this piece of software a couple of times over the course of the last two years with a view to getting out of my Adobe subscription. I found it to be a clunky, frustrating, horrible mess and would not use it even if it was free. I will admit that, having been a user of Adobe since the advent of CS1 my view is probably somewhat predjudiced, but I am happy to continue with my Adobe subscription. It has no equal and for what you get for less than a tenner PM, is still outstanding value. Regards to all, Ian W.


            Thanks for this...I guess I’ll stick with Adobe.... it’s not bad value.
            im not keen on the subscription culture we seem to be in.....just need to keep control of the number of live subs going out for mags and app services

            think I’ll make a list in my old Filofax !
            Brian Vickers LRPS



              Well I've now bought Affinity and it has produced some excellent results.....I still need to cancel which ill loose cloud storage on their server.....but Ive just found that I already have plenty of available cloud storage with my Microsoft office 365 package that I use for my work.
              Brian Vickers LRPS



                I have had Affinity since it first came out and I have tried very hard to like it. I don't. Ian Paul described it as a a clunky, frustrating, horrible mess and I totally agree. It's fine a basic editing level but lacks the finesse of Photoshop. I Originally got it to review for my Camera Club and I have installed all the updates and it still is not an alternative to Photoshop in my view and certainly cannot replace Lightroom.

                Yesterday, I did the basic editing (crop, minor exposure adjust etc.) 714 pictures using Lightroom and it took 35 minutes. Later I converted 320 of them to monochrome (adjusting contrast, clarity etc. as necessary) and that took under 10 minutes.

                Cheap and cheerful and not a competent replacement for an Adobe subscription.
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                  I have Affinity and yes it is a bit clunky and it can be slow and some of their terminology and layout gives the impression that they've tried so hard not to be Photoshop that they've shot themselves in the foot when it comes to attracting disgruntled Photoshoppers. Mostly I use mine to process the RAW files from those camera for which my PS or OEM converters can't manage. Mostly this means my Panasonic bodies as they don't supply their own software and the version of Silkypix they recommend is a bit hard to follow - possible even more so than Affinity...

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