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RF 24-240 lens - problem + solved

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    RF 24-240 lens - problem + solved

    I recently found that RAW images made with my R6 and 24-240 lens had stripes around the edge in LR and Adobe Camera RAW. OK in DPP. I have a new camera, new lens, both 3 months old and had been fine up to now

    It didn't happen with other lenses( unfortunately I had no other RF lenses but EF lenses with mount adapter were OK) Switched off IBIS, same problem.

    Checked my menu settings , SD card, firmware updates, tried my card in 2 other people's LR and still had a problem, so it couldn't be LR....


    To cut a long story short various options have been explored, 2 camera shops + the Canon Rep had no idea but finally I have found the source of the problem by searching online and finally found on an Adobe forum

    Adobe LR in their latest version 10.4 installed a month or so ago made a Version 2 of the lens profile for the 24-240 and set this as default, and its this that is the problem . Reverting to v1 solves the stripes

    Anyone out there tearing your hair out like I have, you are not alone!. PM me if you need further guidance as to how to sort this out

    I presume the next LR update will clear this , Maybe in a month or so
    Canon EOS R6, Canon 5d mk iv plus the usual suspects ......

    Thanks for that Bo, I have that lense with an R, and Adobe LR so I’ll give it a check.


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