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    Apologies if this has been 'done to death' elsewhere/previously.
    What are folk's views on using AI as part of post production? I'm talking about things like Adobe Firefly/ Generative AI etc
    I'm aware that image manipulation has been practiced since the dawn of photography but I'm interested in views on modern approaches to the use of fast-moving AI technology. Not about whether it's good or bad but rather peoples experiences using it.
    Again, apologies if this topic has been raised before but as I'm new here I can't find any previous comments about the subject.
    If I've missed something then just please disregard this post and put it down to 'newbie nonsense'.

    Me, I don't use any, for what I pay for a camera and lens I expect them to supply the goods - a decent picture. I don' see I should have to tart the picture up with software to make it presentable.
    I've said before, it's like buying a new car to drive to Scotland, but it only gets you to Carlisle you then have to get a bus to complete the journey.

    Equipment - According to the wife more than a Camera Shop got



      Interesting comments Trev B. Thank you.


        I've only used DXO pure raw so far....on a free trial at the moment, works wonders in rescuing detail and improving noise....

        If AI produces something that wasn't there then it's a No for me....if it just fills in the blanks for continuity of the image or improves image quality then I'm all for it.

        this has been discussed to some degree....
        I have a 30 day trial....first impressions are very positive.....this speeds up the demonising and sharpening and any background blurring ...what took me 10 minutes on some bird shots yesterday has taken only two minutes max ( Robin1 ( by brianvickers (
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        Brian Vickers LRPS


          Thank you for your comments


            I appreciate Brian’s art/ photography and often comment on how much I enjoy seeing it, but I am with Trev on this one, it is an art to learn what your camera is capable of doing without pp and okay I will make mistakes and ruin what I hoped would be a great shot, but it is a learning curve more than being a computer scientist.


              Thanks to everyone who contributed to my post. Your comments are appreciated. I was hoping to get more of folks' personal experience of using AI in post production. I think we sometimes tend to overlook the fact that many cameras actually use AI within the camera itself (and in some cases have been doing so for a very long time). AI and Deep Learning are pretty much embedded in the software of camera bodies these days, whether DSLR or Mirrorless. As reported in Canon Watch for example: '... the Canon EOS R3 features an AI-based autofocus system that can track subjects with incredible accuracy. The camera also has an AI-based image processor that can fix most major digital photo issues, such as distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. AI is changing photography and Canon cameras are at the forefront of this transformation...AI is also being used to enhance the quality of photographs. By leveraging deep learning algorithms and neural networks, AI can improve various aspects of an image, even on the camera itself, including resolution, colour balance, noise reduction, and more.' So why not embrace AI in post production? Just a thought


                I use it for fun sometimes, so don’t have the image I want in my head before using it.
                I took an image of the city I live in (Derry) from my back yard. The view has a lot of houses etc and changed it to the city being on an island using AI. Ive also put family members faces on other images etc. its fun but also creative. I read somewhere that denoise in LR is AI. I use autofill with landscapes too. I get the arguments for and against but honestly, with an interest in computing and tech. I like some AI and don’t see it as cheating.

                Example: this isn’t the same image obv but you get the idea of the view.

                ​​​​​Derrys Walls From yard by Steven McNeill, on Flickr

                and this is generative AI in photoshop

                ​​​​​Derry Island Ps by Steven McNeill, on Flickr

                Daughters face on another image etc..

                ​​​​​Shaz Angel Ps by Steven McNeill, on Flickr

                I suppose it has its place and when i made the island image, i didnt even know PS had generative AI until i opened the image and updated the app, i just started messing with it.
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                We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns ;)


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                  I just use AI in Photoshop to denoise and remove any impinging detritus from what I’m taking. The denoise works well.


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