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  1. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    It still will not work for me, has any other member seen this problem? Printing is OK, one sheet at a time or multiples is fine.
    But try try to download PDF's and single sheet is ok, but multiples...
  2. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Hi Robert, Just tried complete down load of Oct-Dec 2012 issue it goes to the download window and hangs with this display "
    Loading, please wait...
    PDF Download
    EOS magazine

    Oct-Dec 2012
  3. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    I am still having a problem I tried earlier to-day to down load the whole edition, when that did not happen, I tried 2 pages then just one page. Only the one page was successfull.

  4. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Hi Robert,
    Is ther any news on this yet, I was hopping to down load the new issue so that I can read it during my 28 hour plane trip on saturday.
    Shall not be able to access the internet then....
  5. Re: End Of Year Challenge 2012 - Please state your interest :)

    Thank you for running the EOYC, I only joined the forum during the year and have only entered 1 chalenge and commented a few times.
    We all have these multi megapixel cameras that can produce verry...
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    Re: Dont you just love kids

    These two are realy excelent first who can resist a child so crisply captured in hi own world, the second you caught the perfect time with the bails in the air and so crisp.
    Great shots Robin.

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    Re: Tripod Choice

    Hama produce some fairly light ones, mine is aluminium tubular legs, full hight, weighs 1Kg. Can be picked up in many places not always with the Hama name but definitely the same product "Traveler"...
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    Re: Is the end of DLSR's Coming?

    The end of the DSLR will only come from some one inventing a seriously better product which certainly is a long way from any of the smart phone/ipad derivatives that...
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    Re: Challenge 54 - Nature

    Thought I would give this a try. My first challenge entry.

    Cynara Cardunculus
    or (Thistle Artichoke)

    Canon EOS 550D 55mm at f/5.6 1/80 sec. ISO 800 no flash and no post processing other...
  10. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Unscheduled it may be but some one has taken an interest in our discussion i think. Now when i try to open a PDF whether single or multiple pages it stops at the message "click here to open download...
  11. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Loading, please wait...
    PDF Download
    EOS magazine

    Yes you have described exactly right up to the download page being open with the following:-
    Jul-Sep 2012

    Pages 32 to 37

    Your PDF is...
  12. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    I use Firefox and Adobe reader X. Have been using a Samsung net book, but also Just tried my desk top with Firefox.
    Still no joy

  13. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Issue selected July-Sept 2012. Pages 46-51.
    The message "Your PDF is being prepared, please wait..." has been showing for at least 12 minutes.
    Have also tried select all, down load all, with...
  14. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Hi Robert, Sorry I made the mistake of thinking printing and PDF downloads were on and the same. The multiple page print does work, but multiple PDF downloads do NOT. Can you shed any light on...
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    Re: The New Issue - Wet and Soggy!!!!

    Paying the $39:95 removes the water mark that is otherwise added to every thing you save and/or print. I have purchased the $79:95 version it works well with my HP5200C (which does not have support...
  16. Re: Online EOS Magazine Printing Difficulty

    Hi Robert. How temporary is that to be as before I joined the forum I thought it was a blocked feature restricted to members, but as yet have never been able to use it and it still does not work!?
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    Re: Rain cover for EOS 5D

    Try looking in this FORUM under EOS Photography : DIY Photography, there is an entry on just this topic.
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    Re: DIY Cover

    Then I guess you will need to either spend or do like me, make your own. Having seen this thread I remembered I had some Goretex left from a previous project and decided to give it a go.
    Here is my...
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    Re: Gimbal for my tripod

    Hi try this link ' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRcXneC78lk&feature=related ' it looks pretty simple, there are plenty of other offerings of varying complexity.

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    Re: Still Life on a Budget

    Hi Brian
    You have certainly got the attention here to show what can be done and make them think!
    Though you were not looking for comment on the picture only on the setup the discussion here...
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    Re: Lydiate Relic

    #1 is excellent thought it was going on for ever the interest is very much in the detail, so crisp!
    #2 for me would be better in colour.

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    Re: Waterfalls - Brecon

    Picture 1 really shows the water movement though the detail in other parts is lost. I like 2 for the detail in the foliage etc but the water looks static, not sure if I could do any better though.
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    Re: Faux Colour IR Photo

    I'm new to this forum, been taking photos for many years. Just bought my first Cannon, & joined this forum. Would like to echo the earlier comments "WOW" this is a truly astounding photo! Must try IR...
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