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Thread: 35mm Scanner

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    Breezy, Have a look at the EOS magazine shop, Miscellaneous items shows an OHNAR slide copier, it also does film strip. at 129 it works fine attached to a DSLR camera. I have done some of my slide collection and it works well. My work rate was at least 60 per hour with not hurrying. Hope this helps. Johnnybee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas View Post
    Breezy - Have a look at the Canon CanoScan 9000F Flatbed Scanner.
    You should be able to pick it up new with warranty and some added software goodies for well within your budget.
    If you google: Cheapest Canon Canoscan 9000F it comes up with a lot of sites and some quite reasonable.
    If you can get one........There doesn't seem to be anyone in the UK with stock. I've had an order outstanding now for over a month and no sign yet! One website says that there are none in Europe

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