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Thread: EOS70D

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    Got mine from Digitalrev. Shouldn't really but the 250 saving persuaded me...

    Good so far but have only been playing with it!

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    Red face Re: EOS70D

    my lads got one and seems to rate it highly ,he paid around 800 at h.dew with a 3 year u.k warranty .seems a good camera to me but a bit small for my big mutt hands and a bit to much technology ,and having been badly bitten by the nikon d7100 and still smarting from the wounds i'll stay with tried and tested for now.
    in fact since posting this i have done a deal on a used 7D to replace my ageing 1Dmkii picking it up friday .so at least within the household we will be able to run 60d's ,70d's,and a 7d side by side ,the results should be worth doing a write up on
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