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Thread: Minor damage to shutter blade a problem?

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    Default Minor damage to shutter blade a problem?

    Hello, I just bought a used EOS 3 and joined this forum for some advice. One of the shutter blades on the EOS 3 has a small ding/dent it, but otherwise the function seems fine. Is this something I should be concerned with, or if function is good, should it be OK? Thanks

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    Default Re: Minor damage to shutter blade a problem?

    Hello neboraa; welcome to the forum...

    My sense is that, yes, it could well be a problem. The shutter blades s/be very close fitting and smooth in operation. Any ding or dent that interferes with another blade, or allows light to pass through that's not supposed to be there, will affect the operation of the shutter...

    Best way to check is to run a film through at different shutter speeds & apertures and compare what you get with what you're expecting. Look for something that might look like 'flare' spots on the images. If all looks OK, go & play!





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