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Thread: January Reflections

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    Default January Reflections

    I originally posted this image to the "How to upload images to the Forum" section but as it has plenty of reflections I have added it here.

    Emsworth Mill Pond.jpg

    This one I shot at 1.6 sec f5.6 ISO 200 using a Tokina 11 -16 at 11mm. I fired two off camera flashes to illuminate the room behind the camera

    Cottage Kitchen 2.jpg

    Now that I come to look at it more critically I see that I could have dressed the image a little better - one mug is back to front and the fourth one down is actually dirty!

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    Default Re: January Reflections

    Couple of nice images. LOL re the "dressing the image comment" - if you are being picky about the mug being the wrong way round, then perhaps the books on the shelf should be files in alphabetical order as well or in cascading height order :) ;)
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    Default Re: January Reflections

    Beautiful reflection
    Di ~ Trying to take "the" photograph.
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    Default Re: January Reflections

    Yes, 2 nice images there, especially like the effect of the flashes in the adjoining room.

    As to the cup being the wrong way round, that's a bit too 'CDO' for me! (I would have put 'OCD', but then the letters wouldn't have been arranged alphabetically, like they should be!).

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