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Thread: List of desirable FD lenses

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    Default List of desirable FD lenses

    Here's my list based on what is widely available (sometimes at a cost) online or in dealers:

    20mm f2.8
    17 mm f4 (a superb lens - never bettered)
    24 mm f2.8
    28mm f2.0
    35mm f2.0 (the breechlock ssc seems particualrly desirable)
    50 mm f1.4
    100 mm f2.0
    135mm f2.8 or f 3.5
    28-135mm f3.5 constant aperture
    70-210mm f4 - these are 10-a-penny
    100-300 f5.6L

    I'll be adding more
    Gary White, MPhil
    Travel Photographer

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    Default Re: List of desirable FD lenses

    I have the 20-35mm f3.5 which is permanently attached to my T90. The other lens I had - alas now sold - was a 200mm F2.8. Both these lenses are superb and both are L series lenses.

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    Default Re: List of desirable FD lenses

    well two years down the line ,and i am as in another post looking at some m42 lenses to use via adaptors on my digital cams


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