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Thread: Photography Qualification

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    Default Re: Photography Qualification

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_S View Post
    I should have commented that from the above, it may be you are looking into becoming a professional photographer?

    If so, I cant see that a photography qualification would carry as much weight with potential clients, as would a good portfolio of your work.

    Having a good technical understanding, does not always equate to good skill set, at a practical level, and of course, "the proof of the pudding, is in the eating".

    agree 100%...
    :- Ian

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    Default Re: Photography Qualification

    I know this thread has been quiet for a long time, but I am always looking at potential courses: not for career purposes, merely to provide an underpinning to something I have done since I was five, and which I love. Has anyone come across the Open College for the Arts? They have a BA (hons) course in photography: http://www.oca.ac.uk/creative-arts-d...graphy-degree/

    If I had the spare readies I would consider this for personal gratification!


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    Default Re: Photography Qualification

    The most useful to you would be the RPS route which has already been suggested.

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    Default Re: Photography Qualification

    Although new to the forum. I feel I can relate to this discussion on a personal level, which hopefully might clarify some of the issues mentioned so far. In 1996 I took up a temporary post as the Senior Photographer for a local university here in South Wales. During my three month's in post, I transformed the department into a busy and organised unit. I was able to do this, because I'd had seventeen years experience as a full time Professional Photographer behind me at that point. The job with that university was fantastic, in that there were so many varied subject matters to cover, from press, PR, internal / external publications as well as promotional material. Each day was so exciting and challenging that it made going to work a pleasure. 'Here's the relevant bit'. "I though wow, Imagine if I could get a full time post here"? When I approached my line manager, he explained that despite my years of experience, I wouldn't be considered for a full time post because I didn't have a bit of paper telling them I had formal photographic qualifications. Although I'd used my experience to turn the department around in my time there, his hands were tied. I enjoyed my time there so much, that I went to my local college and signed to acquire those qualifications which I obviously aced. As a matter of fact, my tutor on the RSA in Professional Photography course I took as part of that drive to gain qualifications, I'd actually taught, when he was first starting out. "How ludicrous is that". To cut a long story short. I Then re-approached the department heads of the university and informed them that I now held the necessary qualifications to apply for any future position that might become available. In 1999, I was taken on as the Senior Photographer for the Media Department and spent the next twelve years in that post until my retirement in 2011. So, I'm afraid 'bits of paper', do matter when it comes to certain goals in life regardless of abilities. Having said that, I would not have had the temporary job in the first place without a good portfolio to demonstrate my experience. So, your ability to produce work to a professional standard, of many different subjects, will always bring your name to the fore, but, don't expect it to open every door you'd like to walk through. Hope this helps in this discussion. Mike
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