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Thread: Canon Speedlite 90ex

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    Default Canon Speedlite 90ex

    Just as an FYI, if your are looking for a optical transmitter to fire your off camera canon flashes a inexpensive way of doing this is purchasing the Canon speedlite 90ex. The 90ex acts as a master flash and allows for ETTL control of your canon flashes set up as a slave. I tested last night using both a Canon 5DMKII and the EOS M3 with the 90ex mounted on each camera. I setup a Speedlite 580ex as a slave off camera. Did several test shoots indoors and it fired the 580ex successfully. I bought the 90ex at B&H for $50.00. The Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite transmitter sells for $280.00. Now I bought this so that I can do the High Speed Sync which is suppose to work. I haven't tested that feature yet.


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    Default Re: Canon Speedlite 90ex

    I bought a used 90 EX from MPB for the measly sum of 24.00. Brilliant!


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