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Thread: November in my town

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    Default November in my town

    Hello all,

    as a new member of this forum i am not so familiar withall the sections so forgive me if i didn't post in the right section. Apart of my mistakes here, you can see here one of the beautiful building in the world. Because not many peaple knows, this building is located in Bucharest - Romania. Is the first building after the Pentagon in size, it can be viewed from space. It was build in the Ceausescu regim and all things starting with the stone and ending with the appliances and everything were made in Romania. A place to visit!

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    Default Re: November in my town

    HI Cesar

    Off the mark with your first post and an interesting one it is too. I enjoy learning about other countries!

    Would it have been possible to take this shot the other side of that big tree that obstructs our view somewhat? The fountain would have been a more handsome foreground even if you had to lose a bit off the side of the building. Other than that - nice and sharp. Tripod I presume.

    You will find on this forum instructions as to how to put the flickr image directly on here, which is what most posters do.

    The correct section to have posted from would have been landscape photography but don't worry, it's not a crime! This section is for when members come up with an idea to share some pictures with a common theme. It has not been active for a while now although in fact perhaps after Xmas we might try the idea of "January in my town":might be quite fun
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    Default Re: November in my town

    agree with Bo - that tree does spoil the shot and looking at the focal length I think you could have moved forward

    also needs leveling
    :- Ian

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    Default Re: November in my town

    Thanks for the advice....i'll come back with other pictures of this building after 1st of December when that little fountains in the background will be functional and will have some lights on....i didn't use a tripod:) Also after the Christmas period that white fence that you see on the background will dissapear, there is a very big plateau where they use it as a big parking. In front of this building Michael Jackson had a big concert. The building is squared and has about 20 floors underground. There is a tunnels network which goes in the strategical points in the city....now is used as a political building for the parliament. If it was up to me, there were the biggest campus in the world, well structured, for children starting at age 6 and finished with old research people....schools, universities....so on. Maybe in my next life...Cheers!

    Here is a fresh new one...

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