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Thread: EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

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    Default EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

    Hi EOS
    Clearing out and cleaning up I rediscovered my old EOS 500 film camera, at the bottom of a box where it has been sadly neglected for about 15 years. I have decided to resurrect it alongside a Lomo I recently bought on a market stall in Krakow. Back to film in a modest way - with strict instructions to myself not to shoot until I see something worth having (digital schools us into bad habits). With the Lomo this is not a big problem as you have to physically wind on the film and this makes you pause and think, but the Canon is rather a smooth operator tempting you through the 36 shots.

    I think I should be able to use all my EOS lenses on this camera - mostly lenses for my full frame 5D Mark III but some that fit an older Canon 450. Is this correct? The standard lens that came with this is a rather lightweight 28-80.

    I recently brought 450 back into use after it had sat in a cupboard for a few years and - so long as the light is good - with a decent lens attached it takes excellent pictures. I am hoping for the same from the 500. I love the 5D in many ways but I sometimes wonder if we really make as many steps forward as we think when we upgrade our kit.

    There is still something childishly thrilling about going back to the film shop and collecting the results .... and these days Snappy Snaps supplies them on a disc as well as prints and negs (at a price!)

    Any advice on lenses or just how to get the best out of this camera?

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    Default Re: EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

    Hi Peter, welcome to the forum

    Re the question: I'd say yes as the 500N has the full-frame EF mount so any lens that fits your 5D3 will fit the 500N. It's the crop sensor EF-S mount lenses that won't fit.

    I've got quite a collection of old film cameras (including a couple of EOS) plus some old unexposed film in the fridge and I keep telling myself that one day I'll shoot film again.


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    Default Re: EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

    Thanks John - I will try the full armoury...

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    Default Re: EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

    Lenses specifically for a 450D (I assume it is a "D", you just say 450) will probably be EF-S lenses and won't work with any EOS film camera, if they do actually fit, be careful as the rear lens may hit the mirror and cause damage.
    I still have my 450D and have used it more than any of my others so far, wouldn't like to try birds in flight, for example, a bit slow on the autofocus. Same would go for the 500 even more so, I don't know how some photographers took such good action shots in film days. I think the main improvements in newer cameras is in the a/f and high iso area, for "normal" photography there isn't as much to gain as we are sometimes led to believe.
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    Default Re: EOS 500 N - can I use all my EOS lenses?

    All EF lenses are fine but not EF-S as stated above. I still shoot a lot of film in my various EOS cameras, some owned for 25 years or more. If you want cheap colour print film try Poundland's Agfaphoto 200, it's made in Japan so is probably Fuji and costs 1 for a 24 shot roll. As for old DSLRs I occasionally take my D30 out and provided the light is good and with some decent glass on the front it's 3mp sensor still produces good results.

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