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Thread: Pan of Millenium Bridge

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    Default Pan of Millenium Bridge

    This is a nighttime pan comprising of 7 images using the 5DS-R with the lee bigstopper filter. Using LR6 photomerge with no additional settings.
    The file is obviously huge and the reduction for display on the forum doesn't do it justice because the detail the camera picks up is superb. follow the link to my flickr page and zoom in. There's a man sitting underneath the St Pauls end of the bridge who, as it happens was there for all my bridge shots, he didn't move an inch!

    5DS_5161-Pano by czwotzit, on Flickr

    The shot would be improved if I could have got lower to raise the bridge from the clutter of the background - but the tide was in and I didn't bring my wellies.


    5DS-R 24-70 f2.8L f11 at 41mm iso 200 25secs lee big stopper tripod

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    Default Re: Pan of Millenium Bridge

    Surprised no replies to this, that is a stunning image, as are the others you have of it. The 50mp really comes into its own in shots like this..

    I have just got a panohead so intend to have a go myself
    Canon 1DX, 50D, EF500 F4.0 L, EF100-400 f/4.5-5.6L I , EF100-400 f/4.5-5.6L II, EF70-200 f/2.8L II, EF180 f3.5L Macro, EF 24-105 f/4L, EF17-40 f/4L, EF2.0X III, EF1.4X III, 430EX II, MR-14EX...

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    Default Re: Pan of Millenium Bridge

    Thanks Tony

    This shot was one of the reasons to stay an extra day in London. Pure luck that the tide was in though

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    Default Re: Pan of Millenium Bridge

    Well taken pano



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