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Thread: Dslr controller

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    Default Dslr controller

    Anyone used this long-term? I've been messing around with it at home, quite impressed so far, very good for mf. To be able to use live view and control basic settings on a 10 inch HD screen is great.

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    Default Re: Dslr controller

    Is this a piece of hardware or software?

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    Default Re: Dslr controller

    My apologies, I didn't give a lot away did I... It's an android app it's not free, 7.99

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    Default Re: Dslr controller

    I have it on a Nexus tablet. It is a bit buggy. Sometimes stopping or locking up for no apparent reason. But it's useful tethered for still life shots as you can see a much larger inage than the camera screen.

    I also got it working with a TP-Link router (my 7DII doesn't have Wi-Fi) which again works OK at reasonable speed. Again good for reasonably static subjects, but no good for wildlife (I would need a remote controlled tripod head too!)
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    I've been trying it out for a couple of weeks, on both my android tablet and phone. Main advantage is the screen clarity, and that you can zoom x10 on a HD screen, and the previews are easier to see. No bugs so far, working fine. I don't think I'll bother with Wi-Fi connection, I have a tablet stand that I can clamp to the tripod, looking forward to the better weather now.

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